Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My AC/DC Scientific Research: For Those About To Rock

I’ve started my scientific research into the hard rock music of AC/DC. It is my theory that AC/DC is the most crash cymbal intensive rock band of all time. This is a long-held theory of mine and I truly believe that my research findings will prove my theory correct.

Cymbal crashes on the high-hat cymbals and “ride” cymbals will not count.

Once my findings are complete, I will present them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now I present the findings for the album ‘For Those About To Rock’. This particular release is one of my least favorite albums by the band. It took me a few weeks to get motivated to “score” this one. Perhaps some time has passed or my critical ear has eased up, but I found that I don’t hate it as much as I thought I did.

One drummer: Phil Rudd

“For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” clocks in at 344 seconds.
222 total crashes
That’s an average crash every 1.5 seconds (CE _._ Sec) for an average of 40 crashes per minute (CPM).

“I Put The Finger On You” 206 seconds.
120 total crashes
CE 1.7 Sec / 35.3 CPM

“Let’s Get It Up” 234 seconds.
139 total crashes
CE 1.7 Sec / 35.3 CPM

“Inject The Venom” 211 seconds.
163 total crashes
CE 1.3 Sec / 46.2 CPM

“Snowballed” 203 seconds
113 total crashes
CE 1.7 Sec / 35.3 CPM

“Evil Walks” 264 seconds
150 total crashes
CE 1.8 Sec / 33.3 CPM

“C.O.D.” 200 seconds
79 total crashes
CE 2.5 Sec / 24 CPM

“Breaking The Rules” 263 seconds
140 total crashes
CE 1.9 Sec / 31.6 CPM

“Night Of The Long Knives” 206 seconds
166 total crashes
CE 1.2 Sec / 50 CPM

“Spellbound” 279 seconds
113 total crashes
CE 2.5 Sec / 24 CPM

The album runs a total time of 2,410 seconds with 1,411 crashes.
The album’s overall average reveals a CE 1.7 Sec / 35.3 CPM

As you can see, ‘For Those About To Rock’ has posted the highest amount of CPMs. This makes ‘For Those…’ the most cymbal intensive album so far. Here are the top 3…
1. For Those About To Rock 35.3 CPM
2. Back In Black 33.3 CPM
3. Highway To Hell 25 CPM
All produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Drummer cymbal crash breakdown up to this point:
Tony Currenti – 596 seconds / 191 crashes / CE 3.1 Sec / 19.4 CPM
Unknown Drummer – 286 seconds / 71 crashes / CE 2.9 Sec / 20.7 CPM
Peter Clack – 300 seconds / 55 crashes / CE 5.5 Sec / 10.9 CPM
Phil Rudd – 18,618 seconds / 6,999 crashes / CE 2.6 Sec / 23 CPM

As you can see, drummer Phil Rudd passed the unknown drummer and has taken the high throne of AC/DC percussionists!

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