Tuesday, May 05, 2020

My AC/DC Scientific Research: Back In Black

I’ve started my scientific research into the hard rock music of AC/DC. It is my theory that AC/DC is the most crash cymbal intensive rock band of all time. This is a long-held theory of mine and I truly believe that my research findings will prove my theory correct.

Cymbal crashes on the high-hat cymbals and “ride” cymbals will not count.

Once my findings are complete, I will present them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now I present the findings for the album ‘Back In Black’, featuring the debut of new lead singer Brian Johnson.

One drummer: Phil Rudd

“Hells Bells” clocks in at 312 seconds.
186 total crashes
That’s an average crash every 1.7 seconds (CE _._ Sec) for an average of 35.3 crashes per minute (CPM).

“Shoot To Thrill” 317 seconds.
144 total crashes
CE 3.9 Sec / 15.4 CPM

“What Do You Do For Money Honey” 216 seconds.
140 total crashes
CE 1.5 Sec / 40 CPM

“Givin’ The Dog A Bone” 212 seconds.
132 total crashes
CE 1.6 Sec / 37.5 CPM

“Let Me Put My Love Into You” 255 seconds
113 total crashes
CE 2.3 Sec / 26.1 CPM

“Back In Black” 255 seconds
116 total crashes
CE 2.2 Sec / 27.3 CPM

“You Shook Me All Night Long” 210 seconds
68 total crashes
CE 3.1 Sec / 19.4 CPM

“Have A Drink On Me” 238 seconds
144 total crashes
CE 1.7 Sec / 35.3 CPM

“Shake A Leg” 246 seconds
128 total crashes
CE 1.9 Sec / 31.6 CPM

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” 266 seconds
117 total crashes
CE 2.3 Sec / 26.1 CPM

The album runs a total time of 3,527 seconds with 1,437 crashes.
The album’s overall average reveals a CE 1.8 Sec / 33.3 CPM

As you can see, ‘Back In Black’ has posted the highest amount of CPMs. Drummer Phil Rudd has apparently sold his soul to the Zildjian gods.

The Drummer cymbal crash breakdown up to this point:
Tony Currenti – 596 seconds / 191 crashes / CE 3.1 Sec / 19.4 CPM
Unknown Drummer – 286 seconds / 71 crashes / CE 2.9 Sec / 20.7 CPM
Peter Clack – 300 seconds / 55 crashes / CE 5.5 Sec / 10.9 CPM
Phil Rudd – 16,208 seconds / 5,588 crashes / CE 2.9 Sec / 20.7 CPM

As you can see, drummer Phil Rudd’s gained .2 on the Crash Every Sec with a 1.3 CMP increase with this album. He has TIED the unknown drummer and SURPASSED drummer Tony Currenti! Mr. Rudd is well on his way to proving my theory about the music of AC/DC.

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