Thursday, April 30, 2020

My AC/DC Scientific Research: Highway To Hell

I’ve started my scientific research into the hard rock music of AC/DC. It is my theory that AC/DC is the most crash cymbal intensive rock band of all time. This is a long-held theory of mine and I truly believe that my research findings will prove my theory correct.

Cymbal crashes on the high-hat cymbals and “ride” cymbals will not count.

Once my findings are complete, I will present them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now I present the findings for the album ‘Highway To Hell’.

One drummer: Phil Rudd

This is the first album where the band moved away from brother George Young and Harry Vonda as producers. Robert John “Mutt” Lange is behind the board producing this album.

“Highway To Hell” clocks in at 208 seconds.
80 total crashes
That’s an average crash every 2.6 seconds (CE _._ Sec) for an average of 23.1 crashes per minute (CPM).

“Girls Got Rhythm” 203 seconds.
71 total crashes
CE 2.9 Sec / 20.7 CPM

“Walk All Over You” 310 seconds.
219 total crashes
CE 1.4 Sec / 42.9 CPM

“Touch Too Much” 266 seconds.
81 total crashes
CE 3.3 Sec / 18.2 CPM

“Beating Around The Bush” 236 seconds
127 total crashes
CE 1.9 Sec / 31.6 CPM

“Shot Down In Flames” 203 seconds
97 total crashes
CE 2.1 Sec / 28.6 CPM

“Get It Hot” 155 seconds
49 total crashes
CE 3.2 Sec / 18.8 CPM

“If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” 274 seconds
90 total crashes
CE 3 Sec / 20 CPM

“Love Hungry Man” 257 seconds
121 total crashes
CE 2.1 Sec / 28.6 CPM

“Night Prowler” 388 seconds
97 total crashes
CE 4 Sec / 15 CPM

The album runs a total time of 2,500 seconds with 1,032 crashes.
The album’s overall average reveals a CE 2.4 Sec / 25 CPM

The Drummer cymbal crash breakdown up to this point:
Tony Currenti – 596 seconds / 191 crashes / CE 3.1 Sec / 19.4 CPM
Unknown Drummer – 286 seconds / 71 crashes / CE 2.9 Sec / 20.7 CPM
Peter Clack – 300 seconds / 55 crashes / CE 5.5 Sec / 10.9 CPM
Phil Rudd – 12,681 seconds / 4,151 crashes / CE 3.1 Sec / 19.4 CPM

As you can see, drummer Phil Rudd’s gained .1 on the Crash Every Sec with a 1.2 CMP increase with this album. He’s still gaining on the unknown drummer and has tied Tony Currenti.

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