Monday, January 18, 2016

Your Television Premiere Date for the week of Jan 18 - 24, 2016


In case you missed it… NBC has cancelled ‘Heroes Reborn’. Sure, it was only a “one off”, but I’m sure that if it flourished it would have been given a renewal. The second season of 'Heroes' really shed the viewers and like me, none of them came back for this limited series.

CBS has announced that ‘Mike & Molly’ will not be renewed. The show is in its sixth and final season. I have not watched a full episode, but from what I’ve seen we’re much better off without another show littered with stupid fat jokes. It was a one trick pony. Good riddance. Hopefully this will open a slot for something worthy of our attention. Since it’s CBS we’re talking about, I wouldn’t count on it.


Monday, January 18
- ‘War & Peace’ kicks off at 9pm on A&E. It’s a limited series.
- ‘Hit The Floor’ is back for a third season over on VH1 at 9pm.

Tuesday, January 19
- ‘Team Ninja Warrior’ is a spinoff from NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and debuts at 8pm on Esquire.
- ‘Agent Carter’ is back for a second season on ABC at 9pm.

Thursday, January 21
- The long awaited ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ debuts at 8pm on the CW.
- The season three premiere of ‘The 100’ drops on the CW at 9pm.
- ‘Baskets’ premieres on FX at 10pm. It is being sold to us as a comedy, but I fail to find anything to laugh at in the promos. And just over the weekend, I found out that the main character is a clown. And since the promos failed to get a chuckle out of me, there’s no reason to waste time on 30 minutes of more.
- ‘London Spy’ debuts at 10pm on BBC America. The series has been described at a gripping, emotional thriller.
- Over on IFC, it’s the sixth season premiere of ‘Portlandia’.
- ‘Dark Net’ debuts on Showtime at 11pm. It’s a documentary series exploring the underside of the Internet.

Friday, January 22
- ‘Mad Dog’ arrives on Amazon. A group gets together for an early retirement and things come to light. Secrets and even murder.
- The seventh season of ‘Children’s Hospital’ gets cranked up over on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim at 11pm.

Saturday, January 23
- ‘Chelsea Does’ is a new documentary series starring comedian Chelsea Handler. In other words, it’s a reality series. Not my cup of tea, but it may be your kinda Tetley. Only on Netflix.
- Season three of ‘Black Sails’ hits the open waters of Starz at 9pm.
- 'Beowulf' debuts on Esquire at 10pm.

Sunday, January 17
- The long awaited return of the limited run of ‘The X-Files’ hits FOX at 7pm (or shortly after the NFC Championship Game).


Thursday, January 21
- We say goodbye to ‘Heroes Reborn’ at 8pm. NBC announced its cancellation with this “limited run” series. I’m sure they brought it back thinking of capitalizing on the runs DC and Marvel Comics are having across the board. But like they said in the film ‘Christine’… You can’t polish a turd.


Thursday, January 21
- ‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 2

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