Monday, January 11, 2016

Your Television Premiere Date for the week of Jan 11 - 17, 2016

Since I have left The Less Desirables podcast, I have thought about doing my own podcast about television along with premiere dates and all the jazz that I did on the podcast. But the podcast landscape has become a wasteland of shows and it's difficult to be seen and heard within the herd. Plus, I would have to invest some money in buying the equipment to do the podcast. And finding sponsorship can be a job itself.

So yeah... I just thought that I would keep you up to date right here.

I have been in talks about taking all my news and reviews to a website, but I'm sure that could be a tandem effort. More to come on that if and when it happens.

Eventually, I will round out my revamped and retooled top ten favorite TV shows of all time.

So you won't be surprised and miss out on your favorite shows, here are the premieres for this week!

Tuesday, January 12
- Season 7 of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ gets cranked up on Freeform at 8pm. And that’s followed by the debut of ‘Shadowhunters’ at 9pm on the same network.

Wednesday, January 13
- ‘Second Chance’ is a new show debuting on FOX at 9pm. This series has undergone so many name changes that I’m still not sure if they’ll keep the one they’re going with. It appears to be the run-of-the-mill “I’m back” kinda thing that’s been done to death where folks come back make things right.
- ‘Face Off’ returns to Syfy also at 9pm.
- Season 2 of ‘Younger’ hits TV Land for another forgettable season.
- ‘Teachers’ debuts at 11pm on TV Land. It’s a product that started as web series from the Chicago comedy troupe The Katydids. I have not seen any of them, but since we are talking a new product on TV Land… I wouldn’t waste my time with any of it.

Thursday, January 14
- The debut of ‘Colony’ hits USA at 10pm. USA has been talking about gritty-ing up their programming game, but I don’t see the tired storyline of alien visitors taking over Earthlings as something worth seeing no matter the grit.
- ‘Workaholics’ is back for a sixth season on Comedy Central at 10pm. And that’s followed by the debut of ‘Idiotsitter’ at 10:30pm on Comedy Central as well. It started as a web series about a woman hired to babysit a rich woman under house arrest.

Friday, January 15
- ‘Degrassi: Next Class’ arrives on Netflix.
- ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is back for a 15th season on Fox at 9pm. In case you’ve never seen it, the series is a reality competition for those that enjoying watching people cook and get screamed at.

Saturday, January 16
- Season 46 of ‘Sesame Street’ gets cranked up on HBO. There will be new and old episodes.

Sunday, January 17
- ‘Circus’ debuts on Showtime at 8pm. It’s a political series and I’m bored already.
- TBS debuts a new police procedural titled ‘Angie Tribeca’ at 9pm. It’s a police procedural that we’ve seen a million times before and it’s on TBS so don’t bother.
- ‘Billions’ debuts on Showtime at 10pm. Folks with big money screw each other figuratively and literally. The previews make it look so-so, but reviews for the new series haven’t been kind.
- And over on PBS, ‘Mercy Street’ debuts at 10pm (check your local listings). This American Civil War drama follows a couple of nurses from opposing sides who work at a hospital in Alexandria, Virginia

Check back every Sunday for a handy list of television shows premiering for the week. Yes, I know that it's Monday. I just got a late start. Get your DVR ready and remember... If you're going to waste your time watching television, make it quality television. That's my motto and I'm hoping that you feel the same.

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