Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Aerosmith 'The Other Side' [Compact Disc Maxi-Single]

It's been a long time since I've mentioned it, so here goes... The title of each posting is my musical selection of the day. Yes. I have a serious musical OCD where I only choose one thing to listen to during the day in my vehicle. It goes back to a time of the cassette tapes when a friend of mine had a car that could be easily broken into. After losing many cases filled with one-of-a-kind mix tapes and home recordings to thieves, he went with the one-a-day plan.

I felt that it made perfect sense. You only lose one piece of musical enjoyment to thieves or even, heaven forbid, a car accident. The rest of your treasured archives are safe at home.

And since I'm into music as much as television, I just thought I'd use the title of my musical selection of the day to give you some insight into my tastes. It can be difficult coming up with a title for each and every blog. Who has the time for that?

And now we're back to counting down my Top 5 Best New Shows of 2015 and my number one is an hour long drama from USA Network… Yeah! It surprised me too!

‘Mr. Robot’ didn’t grab me right off the bat. The second episode got me hooked while watching in passing… The scene that caught my attention was when Elliott came to visit his friend and drug dealer Shayla only to find her supplier, Fernando in her apartment. Fernando claimed that Shayla was taking a bath and she was all right. Elliott wasn’t convinced, but Fernando was holding a gun. They had a discussion and Fernando opened up long enough to wow the audience.

Elliot is a computer/IT guy for a large corporation. He is recruited by a socially responsible hacker group. He is conflicted about his actions on all fronts.

‘Mr. Robot’ turns and twists like a mountain road. It’s difficult to tell what is going on until the end of the first season. And it’s a helluva ride.

It’s finally good to see Christian Slater on a series that manages to last more than one season.

After the live on television shooting at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia… USA Network delayed the season finale one week. And after seeing that episode, I felt as if they made a wise decision.

The show is gritty, compelling, intelligent, and what book readers refer to as a page turner. As of this writing, you are able to watch the whole first season on USA Network dot com.

The show has a certain way of composing the shots and I love that. It's like they take a big canvas and let the background take up a good portion of the stage. Since I view television as an art, I feel like the point of those wonderful shots show us, the viewers, how small we really are in the big scheme of things.

Here's a shot that just floored me...

I had to snap a picture with my cell phone. The background doesn't always take a backseat on this series and I love it.

'Mr. Robot' will become available to Amazon Prime subscribers in the Spring.

No premiere date for the second season has been given, but sources are pointing towards July of 2016.

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