Monday, October 14, 2013

Charlie Sexton 'Charlie Sexton'

So did you see the season premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ last night?

Was it not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen?

First of all, let’s give Sweetwater Brewing Company a round of applause for shelling out some bucks for cases upon cases of beer to be displayed during the supply run at the Big Spit store. The product placement worked! It made me want a Georgia Brown at that moment. Yet not one person in Darryl’s supply platoon snaps a case up for later around the campfire. Oh sure, the new guy wanted to snag a bottle of vino for later. But just one?!

Second… The name of the store is Big Spot, but they use an “!” in place of the “i”. So the obvious name to call the place is “Big Spit”.

Third… And this is the biggest issue with the first episode of the new season… A helicopter crashed onto the roof of the Big Spit. The crash looked horrific, but the store roof was seemingly fortified to take the weight of the impact of the crash along with the remaining wreckage. It’s only when a 90 pound zombie walks across the roof the camel’s back break. A decomposing straw of a zombie is too much trauma for the roof to handle and they all start falling through the roof and onto the unsuspecting group led by easy riding Darryl the bow hunter.

Zombies are crashing onto aisles with blood-spattering gore, falling onto cases of delicious Sweetwater beer, and providing general mayhem while the HEAVIEST thing on the roof (the helicopter) hangs on until the last minute before crashing through.

Now I’m not any kind of structural engineer, but I gotta call BS on this one.

So… They had nearly a year to write up a script for the returning season and this is what we get?

I know that it’s a show where disbelief should be suspended, but poorly thought out plot points are just that… Poorly thought out plot points. How did it ever get to the filming stage? Don’t they sit around and discuss these things before a location is staked out for filming? Doesn’t someone’s common sense kick in during the storyboard pre-production?

Or could the producers, writers, and directors think that the viewers are mindless zombies willing to bite into and swallow anything?

And for the fourth and final thought… Is that not the crappiest prison you’ve ever seen?

The shiny new fencing couldn’t hold back a gaggle of kids at a concert by The Wiggles. It’s flimsy as hell. The buildings don’t seem to resemble any kind of prison buildings that I’ve ever seen either in person or on a ‘Ghost Adventures’ outing.

So why do I keep watching?

It’s fun despite the some of the glaring flaws. I'm still in... For now.


  1. Jesus man! It must suck to be you. The world sucks, every show on the planet is not as smart as you, you can guess it from a mile away, good plot is supplanted by minutia of non-essential details... and you don't like pickles. How do you stand yourself?

  2. Dang! I typed out a long, well thought out response, only to be told I couldn't post because someone else was maybe posting at the same time?.....what? hahaha