Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TK-421 'Hollow'

So how’s your Fall TV season going?

Do you have a new favorite? Or does it look like your show won’t make it?

We’ve had three new shows that have tasted soil so far… ‘Lucky 7’, the reboot of ‘Ironside’, and ‘Welcome To The Family’.

And we’ve had a few get an order for a full season.

But I haven’t seen any new show that causes me to make a weekly appointment to sit, watch, and relish. I had high hopes for ‘Blacklist’, but it turned out not to be. Twenty minutes into the pilot and I was playing Words with Friends on my phone.

What will I do at the end of the year when it comes time to make my annual year end top five list?

So far that list only contains two shows… ‘The Bridge’ (FX) and ‘Ray Donovan’ (Showtime). And ‘Ray Donovan’ only makes the top five because I have 4 more slots to fill.

I shouldn’t feel bad, because there’s plenty of room on the DVR. I don’t have to worry about a butt-load of shows being lost if the DVR decides to up and quit on me.

I also have time to re-watch some classics with Chigger. We’re currently on season four of ‘Homicide: Life On The Streets’ and ready to pounce of season one of ‘The Sopranos’. She’s seen bits and pieces of ‘Homicide’, but doesn’t know a thing about the greatness of ‘The Sopranos’. It should be fun watching her reactions. I know they were fun to watch when she finally tackled ‘Lost’.

But there’s been absolutely nothing to grab me this season. NOTHING. The broadcast television networks only brought a couple of things to the table to whet my appetite, but once I got a taste I found the offerings lacking flavor and substance.

As of right now, here are the current items still on my plate…

‘The Walking Dead’
‘Masters Of Sex’
‘Sleepy Hollow’ (only 2 episodes down, losing interest)
‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ (so-so so far)
‘Sons Of Anarchy’
‘Arrow’ (no big hurry to get back on)
‘The Middle’
‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’
‘American Horror Story: Coven’
‘Parks & Recreation’

I added the last one only because of the good things I’m hearing about it. 'Dracula' premieres this Friday on NBC. Vampires have become quite tiresome these days with ‘True Blood’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and ‘The Originals’. But if it’s keeping zombie series from flooding the TV landscape then I’m good.

I’m just waiting for January and the return of ‘Justified’. Now that’s a damn fine show!

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  1. I knew that Lucky 7 was the first new show of the season to fall, but I hadn't heard that Ironside and Welcome to the Family had been axed. No great loss - I hadn't watched any of them. I've found a few new shows to capture my attention, but only 2 so far are "appointment TV." (Which, in this day and age, means I watch them on my DVR as soon as possible, instead of letting them lounge for a week.) I'm loving Blacklist, but that's more likely due to casting than actual storyline. I'd tune in to watch James Spader read the phone book; his brand of gleeful smarm is irresistible to me. I'm also enjoying Sleepy Hollow, but it's not a show I take seriously in any way. It's pure lighthearted escapism. The rest of my new show list rounds out with American Horror Story: Coven, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Reign, Once Upon a Time: Wonderland, and Mom. There all still in "wait and see" mode - I'm not overly invested in any of them yet, but Mom is closest to inching over into the "must see" category.

  2. It's Christine, by the way.

  3. I miss the Soprano's. I cancelled HBO after it ended. I think the first couple of seasons were the best.
    I hope The Chigger enjoys it. Let us know.