Saturday, October 05, 2013

Robert Palmer 'The Very Best Of Robert Palmer'

The new fall television season is well upon us and I couldn’t be more unimpressed. There have been no new shows that have caused me to schedule my life around them like ‘Lost’, ‘Breaking Bad’, or ‘Get A Life’.

My high hopes for ‘Blacklist’ were quickly tossed against the rocks of disappointment within 20 minutes. It joined other bad company such as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and the reboots of the ‘Night Stalker’ and ‘Dark Shadows’.

I’m not sure why I understand the popularity of 'Blacklist'.

Is it because of the striking resemblance to the film ‘Silence Of The Lambs’?

Is it because Agent Keen is Raymond Reddington’s daughter?

Surely that last question can’t be that easy to answer, now can it?

Agent Keen is picked up at her home by a helicopter her first day on the job and whisked away to assist in a priority case. Her husband calls… Now keep in mind that we know they’re a happy couple that could spend hours staring into each other’s eyes until one of them farts… She has to tell him over the phone that she’s on a priority case, but he continues blabbing on and on instead of letting FBI Special Agent Keen get back to work. Does her career mean nothing to him?

What a prick. I was so hoping he’d die in the pilot episode. He. Was. Annoying.

‘Blacklist’ has been picked up for the rest of the season, but it’s off my must-see list.

‘Hostages’ was even worse. But since the show airs on CBS I kind of had a feeling that it was going to be bad. The network doesn’t have the most intelligent programs on its roster. ‘Elementary’ is the smartest show in their lineup.

‘Hostages’ lined up all kinds of character subplots within the first 20 minutes… The husband is having an affair. The son owes money to a ruthless drug dealer. The daughter is running around with a boy her parents don’t care for and she may be pregnant. But the BIGGEST plot point goes overlooked until a crew of “Government” men storm Casa de Soap Opera. The mother has to perform surgery on The President of the United States in the morning and he mustn’t get off the table, so to speak. That’s why the family is being held hostage by those “Government” men. The sins of father, brother, and sister could have unfolded as little surprises later on. The real story is with the mother. But I suppose that’s just me. It’s just bad storytelling and it’s off my radar.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ was a soft disappointment. Andy Samberg is great at writing and performing short comedy bits and skits. Unfortunately, the skit doesn’t work stretched out for a half-hour comedy show. It’s so far out in left field that it’s not funny.

So the hyped new season hits have really fallen flat with me and that’s okay. I have plenty of great shows returning like ‘Supernatural’, ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, and ‘The Walking Dead’.

I’m good.

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