Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All-American Rejects 'Move Along'

I must admit something. Something that may shock some of you…

From what I saw on FOX last night, I may like the new game show Hole In The Wall.

I would consider it more of a game show than a reality show, so there.

I only saw the first three rounds where a group of hairstylists were battling a group of construction workers. The stunts performed on the show seem easy to the casual viewer, but I know damn well that it’s got to be hard fitting through a shaped hole in a wall as it moves towards you in a few seconds.

I’m not sure why I found the show so intriguing. I only stopped watching because I didn’t want to waste an hour watching it. BUT! I found out this afternoon that the show is only a half hour long!

Perfect! That is the perfect length for any game show.

I’ve tried watching what the big deal is about Deal Or No Deal and I cannot understand why the show is such a big hit. They stretch it out to one hour and that’s the part that just pains me. It’s easily a half hour show.

But I’m sure the network wants to keep all those viewers for an hour and so it goes.

I still don’t understand why there’s a home version of the game. I guess it just goes to show that Madison Avenue is way smarter than the general public. I mean seriously…

I had mad love for a game show called Banzai that ran for all of a month on FOX. It didn’t actually have contestants. It was more of a show for the viewers at home to play with average folks doing the stunts. And if it was a “scientific” stunt, there were a couple of Japanese dudes in lab coats. The show was brilliant!

If a show displays brilliance, then you know it is not going to last.

Here’s a clip that I found on You Tube to show you how ingenious Banzai was:

Below is a video from my musical choice of the day. Yeah… Sometimes the lead vocalist can be too emo and a little whiny, but it’s the type of power pop that I love. Enjoy!

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