Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beastie Boys 'Some Old Bullsh*t'

It seems that I was too early on my approval for the FOX game show, Hole In The Wall. I looked at the listings for tonight and there it was… An hour long show. WTF?

I guess I know I won’t invest any time into that joker despite how good the show is. I just can’t allow it to take precious time away from my Netflix habit. You see… If I don’t have a disc at home, I can watch a movie online right there on their site.

--Although I’m not a violent person, I caught myself watching a little cage fighting on the VS. channel yesterday because I like watching violence. After a few rounds, I found myself getting bored with half naked men rolling around on the mat with a little punch here and a jab there. They weren’t even using the cage as a weapon!

What a rip off!

I don’t know why they liken cage fighting to human cock fighting because it all seemed so controlled. The referee was concerned about the safety of the fighters and that just doesn’t exist in cock fighting. Not that I know from personal experience mind you… I saw very little blood during the three rounds of competition that I watched.

Oh sure… The competitors are in excellent shape and I can tell there is some strategy going on during “the dance”, but it bored me to tears. And the longer I watched it, the more homoerotic it became. Two half naked guys rolling around with their legs wrapped around each other just didn’t appeal to me. I wanted to see some punching, some head butts, blood spilling from open eyebrows, and teeth sailing into the 3rd row. I wanted to see a near-death experience with a lot of agony.

I got none of that. All I got was a fairly violent Jeff Stryker program.

I guess I’ll just keep satisfying my bloodlust with the violence seen with professional wrestling.

I know it’s a short update, but I’m outta here for the weekend. Take care of yourselves and I’ll catch you on Monday.

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