Monday, September 08, 2008

Accept 'I'm A Rebel'

Wow… I throw my gas habits out there for all to read and I get no response. Imagine my surprise.

--I had a great time at The Flatiron last night. The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society had their first solo/duo competition last night and I was asked to be one of the judges. This was my third time taking part as a judge in their competitions. It’s always a thrill to hang with such a great bunch of people who are driven to support one particular type of music.

It makes me think… Should we develop a “hair metal” preservation society? Perhaps a group set out to preserve the tremolo arm or “whammy bar” as it’s called could be on the horizon

Since the 80’s went bye-bye… Use of the whammy bar has declined. It’s a beautiful way to bend notes or “dive bomb” when a guitarist screws up. And with any type of instrument, there are great whammy bar players out there. Folks like Brad Gillis, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck are some of the greats.

Whenever I go to a live show where a guitarist has a whammy bar, you can hear me yelling “Use the whammy!” like some dumb asses that like to yell “Freebird!”

The tremolo arm is going the way of the pager. They’re few and far between. It makes my heart break. But there is good news… The kids are using them on the Guitar Hero video games! Hope is on the horizon.

Here’s something I found interesting and funny from Saturday’s Greensboro News & Record:

I thought that last paragraph was hilarious!

Am I too sick?

There is something worth pointing out here… He was 88 or 89 when he died and able to mount a mule. Who knows? He may have been very capable mounting that twenty-something wife of his.

Yeah, it's an early one from Accept. Notice the eyeshadow on the guitarist with the black Flying-V guitar?

As a side note... I once had the great thrill of holding the autographed casing from Wolf Hoffman's channel switcher!

He's the cat dressed in white playing the other Flying-V on stage left.

My cousin Dan dabbles in buying and selling musical equipment. When he showed me that baby, I nearly flipped out.

I'm a geek. So what?

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