Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Massive Attack 'Blue Lines'

I’ve been noticing something lately that has been getting on my nerves. It’s something that hasn’t been a common occurrence in my everyday life, but has recently been popping up like moles on a carnival midway ready for the whacking. That something is a phrase… “Have a blessed day.”

What in the Wide World Of Sports does that mean?

Are they blessing me? Can they legally bless me? Are they even ordained?

I just think they’re putting way too much pressure on me. By having a “blessed day” I feel like I can’t have any unclean thoughts for the rest of the day… I feel like I should be nice to everyone around me… It leaves me feeling like I’m not doing my part to help out my fellow man… And woman.

Saying “Have a blessed day” sounds a little condescending to me. It sounds like the phrase is being delivered from a horse so high that I’ll fall over backwards when I look up. It’s like they’re looking into my dark little heart and trying to save me from an eternity of dancing in the pits of brimstone and getting my feet blistered.

And that brings me to my parent’s answering machine… My father closes the outgoing message with “Have a good and Godly day.”

He’s a Christian man, but others may misunderstand his meaning… Could he be referring to the god Baal? Perhaps some could confuse his message with the gods residing on Olympus? They could use a little action in this day and age.

What does “Godly” mean?

Maybe I’m just being too sensitive.

--I’m not understanding where the show Lost is going. Am I alone in this?

I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks, but I’ve never been this confused with a television show before. All that flipping back and forth with present time, the past, and the future… It’s enough to drive me to watching Teletubbies just to get my bearings back.

--Here’s the rundown of food ingested since my last Free Food February update:

Friday 2/15/08

Japanese Steak with Mushrooms and white rice (courtesy of J)
Egg Drop Soup (courtesy of J)

Saturday 2/16/08

Eggs, Bacon, and Biscuits (courtesy of J)
Egg Drop Soup (courtesy of J)
4 slice of meat pizza (courtesy of JR)

Sunday 2/17/08

Eggs, Bacon, Hash Browns, and Biscuits (courtesy of J)
Country Fried Steak with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Succotash, and Biscuits (courtesy of J)

Monday 2/18/08

2 packs of Lance Toastchee Crackers (from the station’s supply)
2 Dunkin’ Doughnuts (delivered by a listener)

Tuesday 2/19/08

1 package of Lance Toastchee Crackers (from the station’s supply)
6” Quizno’s Tuna and Cheese sub with a side of Baked Lay’s chips (courtesy of Goat Boy)

The hostess for my past weekend at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia just wouldn’t let me go hungry. And in return, I kept her glass full of Grey Goose Vodka. But today and Monday… Well… The hunger is back, baby!


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM


    "Have a blessed day" could be a genuine expression of love from a complete stranger actually wanting you to have a good day.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Have a blessed day Eugene.

    You are free to spend it how you please and I will pass no judgment on you for it.


  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Hell yea you got Massive Attack as your album of the moment! Didn't know you liked em.

  3. Massive Attack is in my car right now. I love it. Oh, and I promise not to 'bless you' next time you sneeze.