Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cracker 'Kerosene Hat'

Okay… I HAVE to purge here!

I’m sick of one of the nicknames that I’m called around the station… Here’s a few that I like:

Eugene… The hardest working man in Radio (Murphy In The Morning)
Eugene Unit… Given to me by Tripper on 1075KZL
Unit… Used by Mitch Wheeler and Adam Korn… Sometimes Tripper
E… Too many to mention
Gene… Marcia Gan used to call me that all the time AND she made it sound damn sexy
Genie in a bottle… Deidre
Lil’ Genie… Weather Dave and Doug McKnight

The last one… Gets on my F’N nerves!

It seems that it’s from an Elton John song. An obscure hit song that I have never heard… Until Dave and Doug kept singing the damn thing.

All the time… I’ll be walking the halls and I’ll hear… “Little Geeeeneeeeee….”

It’s enough to drive me crazy!

From what I can tell… I don’t like the song. And I don’t like Dave and Doug walking through the radio station singing, “Oh, Little Geeeeneeeeeee!”

But now lots of folks in the building have started singing it!

Nicole, our receptionist, has started calling me “Genie”.

Heather Chapin calls me “Genie”.

And every now and then, someone else will call me “Genie”… Even Jill! One of the bartenders at Natty Greene’s.

It has gotten so bad that it’s leaked out over the Dick Broadcasting Company’s border… And I’m not happy about that.

I don’t mind “Eugene-Unit”. I don’ t even mind “Unit”. I’ve even been called “E-Dog” before… But I’ve never been so adamantly against any other nickname before like the way I’ve been against “Little Genie”!

I used to think that Tripper and Mitch were calling me a “tool” when they started calling me “Unit”… But it turned out that 50 Cent has a side project called “G-Unit”. Once I realized that… I was down with it.

Am I overreacting about this?

Let me know…

There will be no more posts until Sunday or Monday. I’m going out of town over the weekend and I’ll be hanging out with 2 women with a hot tub, lots of Jim Beam, and lots of Grey Goose Vodka.

If it does not kill me… Look up Nietzsche for the rest.

Here's the rundown of Free Food February:


1 doughnut
A grilled Ham & Cheese (The McKnight Special) Sandwich from Natty Greene's along with a side of French Fries


  1. I'm just going to blatantly rip off bebo here:


    Who do I have to @#$% to get invited to that?

    Or, *ahem* how can I volunteer to help with a fine organization in order to attend? ;)

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM


    You are not overreacting concerning the dreaded nickname. Unfortunately though, letting people know that you hate it is probably going to encourage others to use it. Plus, that particular Elton John song is an EARWORM, so thank you very much.

    Revenge: sing to yourself the following song: "Brand New Key: by Melanie.

    I feel your pain: I hate hate hate fecking detest being called "Bev". But people still do it a lot. I have a perfectly fun nickname, and if people really can't bring themselves to put forth the effort to pronounce all three syllables of my given name, then they are cordially invited to call me Bebo. Rant concluded.

    And on a totally unrelated note: Molly, you seriously made me laugh with the quote. :)

  3. Anonymous8:43 PM

    No, you are not overreacting. If you don't like a nickname it can be irritating. Since you are adults and not children, perhaps if you told them you did not like it they would refrain from calling you that. Then again, you could take "little Genie" as a compliment to your recent weight loss. :)
    Oh, and Molly that was a good one! lol