Monday, January 14, 2008

throwing muses 'hunkpapa'

Okay… I have broken down and I’m taking the advice of some of my friends. I’ve started watching The Office on Yes, you’ve read that correctly. I’m watching a show that never made any damn sense to me. It just goes to show you how desperate I am since my TV decided to join George Burns in the Great Land of the Dead.

I know. A lot of you think the show is funny. I’ve gotten nothing but weird looks around my own office about my refusal to watch it. Night Guy Neil seems to believe that the show is indeed greater than the invention known as the “ballcock”. So with the trust I have in my friends and coworkers, I watched the first season online on Netflix’s site. And besides, season one is only 6 episodes… I couldn’t really go wrong with that, now could I?

I sat through the first 3 episodes still wondering why folks found the show so funny. But over time I started to get a “feel” for the characters. I could finally sense some kind of pulse in a show that I once proclaimed a “dead F”. The vital signs are faint to me, but I’m going to work at reviving some sort of interest. I may be finally coming around, but there are still some jury members shaking their disagreeable heads in my mind.

I can’t say that The Office has produced any “laugh out loud” moments for me, but I have snickered at a few quips and references. I’m working my way through the fourth episode of season two.

I will keep you posted.

--Today I looked in the mirror while doing a quick scan for those annoying pimples. Why I’m still getting pimples at the ripe old age of 41 I’ll never know… But I looked at something that I haven’t thought about since I was a teenager.

I had (notice the past tense) a tiny freckle on the very tip of my nose and I’ve always been self-conscious about it. It’s one of those things that no one else would EVER notice, but it was something that I saw everyday in the mirror and it bothered me. The damn freckle always seemed like a billboard right there in the middle of my face. I was always aware of it and when making out with a girl during my teens… It was always a fear of mine that she’d notice and bust out laughing... And ridicule me about it. Over time, I eventually got past that silly nonsense and forgot about it.

When looking into the mirror today… I looked for it and it wasn’t there. It wasn’t on the very tip of my nose. The damn thing moved!

I’m guessing that my nose has gotten bigger! The freckle has moved in a southeasterly direction only a fraction of an inch. Maybe about a quarter of an inch... And I’m now afraid that my schnozzle won’t stop growing!

I’m starting to think that I’ve got a new irrational fear to replace the one about my getting scurvy.


  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I hate to break it to you, but your nose and ears never stop growing.

  2. I love The Office. 'Don't know what to say about your nose.

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Christine is right, but look at it this way... if it keeps growing eventually the freckle might move on over to your cheek. Always look at the bright side!

  4. Joan,

    I know that you DIG The Office. Since we're Netflix buddies... I've noticed that you have given seasons 1 & 2 five stars.

    I've been trusting your opinion as well as Brad K's when it comes to The Office.

    Whether I love the show or end up hating it... You and Brad K. are as responsible as the others.

  5. Christine / jr,

    Are you sure about your nose and ears growing?

    I always thought that was a myth. Like the one about your hair and nails growing as you decompose.

  6. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Look at pictures of your parents or grandparents when they were young adults, and look at them now. You can't see it? I can see it in both my parents (both 81).

    PS: Just to be sure, I checked on Nothing about it on there, so I'm assuming what I've always heard is true.

  7. Well Christine... That is disturbing news. But on the bright side... I have unusually small and sexy ears. They could stand a little growth spurt.

  8. No, don't call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys, who wake up every morning, and go into their normal jobs, and get a distress call from the commissioner, and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.

    ~Dwight Schrute~