Sunday, January 13, 2008

Three Days Grace 'One-X'

Life has been a little more difficult without a television since mine gave up the ghost. I can watch my DVD’s on the computer, but it’s just not the same. You can’t really relax in an upright position.

I spent some time Friday pricing televisions online. I can’t find any decent 26” TV’s under $350. Since TV’s don’t weigh as much as they used to… I’m thinking about getting me one of those ZZ Top duster jackets and go do a little shoplifting.

I’ll be making a decision by Tuesday, but it isn’t easy. It’s like this… I’m being tortured. I’m asked to choose between having a little finger or a big toe chopped off. I’m weighing all the options and I’m getting a slight headache.

--I had a distraction last night from my TV woes… I went over to Sean’s house for some Battletech action with a 12-pack of Yuengling. Jonathan, Justin, and Amanda were there too.

Yeah… There nothing like getting with your “geek” friends with your painted mechs and rolling some dice. Here are a couple of pictures taken with my cell phone to show you the lay out of the playing field.

Here’s Sean contemplating what to shoot at…

And here’s Jonny boy hamming it up between moves…

We haven’t played in a very long time. A lot of the rules were still a little fuzzy in my head, but Sean has it in his memory and is able to calculate odds of hitting your opponent within a second or so.

It was fun and has me wanting to play more often. Distractions are good. I do indeed hope to have more of them.

--Chloe has gotten out of the hospital and I got to see her last week to give my Christmas gift to her. Remember the KISS t-shirt?

Here she is wearing it…

I’m sure her uptight mother is proud.

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