Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ted Nugent 'Love Grenade'

It’s a new year and a prayer of mine has been answered already!

I have been waiting patiently waiting for a certain television show to be released on DVD. And today… I got word that season one of Newhart will be released on February 26th.

I have almost given up hope to see seasons 2 through 7 of Malcolm In The Middle. I’m also holding onto a thin rope of seeing the rest of Green Acres making it to DVD.

For monetary reasons, I haven’t purchased any season collections of The Bob Newhart Show. Although, that show would definitely make my top 20 of faves. But there was just something a little more special about Newhart.

It had a certain surreal Green Acres quality to it. Check this out.

Okay… I’m over my excitement. After all, I have over a month to wait for it.

--Happy New Year, by the way.

--I’ve started watching Sleeper Cell from Netflix. I was told that it was right up my alley… But I’m not exactly digging it. Just one more disc to go and I’m hopping aboard the Weeds train!

I tried watching Donnie Darko today and found it excruciatingly painful to sit through. It’s like watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It completely bored the crap out of me. I started doing laundry. I paused the film and changed my bed linens. And I fashioned a miniature Eiffel Tower from my toenail clippings while watching Donnie Darko. The beautiful talents of Drew Barrymore couldn’t save this film from growing mold on it. Maybe if I had a few bong hits along with some ‘shrooms… I could find it one of the greatest pieces of art on film.

You Floyd heads know what I mean, don’t cha?

Oh well… I’m out. I know the update is short, but it’s a holiday!

And in case you didn't see my worldwide television debut on WWE's Monday Night Raw... Here it is... Enjoy.

Oh... I'm the guy in the white Washington Redskins jersey with the number 66. My brother-in-law Kevin is the guy on my left wearing glasses.


  1. when was that wrestling event? i only ask because i won some front row wwe tickets from a certain radio station, but i ended up giving them away.

  2. yeah. i should read your blog posts in order for a change. LOL

    nevermind. ignore me.

  3. Well... Did you win them from a certain station or not?

  4. yes, but it was for the time before, not this most recent one! ;)

    i beat chris k at Bizarro PUOSU

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I bet I have already seen this clip 30 times at home with Kevin, but for some reason Chloe and I just can't stop watching. Now, To quote Chloe.. "Why do you look scared Daddy?"

    You both look like you are backing up like two scared little girls, but if you listen really close you can hear you (Eugene) yelling at wrestlers. It cracks me up every time.

    Pamela and Chloe

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM

    is that goatboy on the other side of you?

  7. Yes... That is indeed Goatboy!

  8. My favorite part about this clip? Aside from your enthusiasm for the brutality in front of you - that Sgt. Slaughter is still head of WWE security. This is why I like returning to wrestling every now and then. I had the same excitement when I randomly flipped to it a few months ago and saw Lord Steven Regal as head of Smackdown, I think.

  9. Regal is the head of 'Raw' now. I was surprised my damn self.