Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sweet Cicada 'Switch' EP

It’s early Wednesday evening as I write this update… And I’m thinking about what shows I need to tape on the ol’ VCR.

Remember those things? With the big, clunky VHS tape?

I’m still in the dark ages people.

I found nothing on the schedule that I want to commit to tape. Nothing.

I sort of gave up on Bionic Woman on NBC and Pushing Daisies just isn’t pulling me like it once did.

I had high hope for both of these shows. Bionic Woman felt like the first show was setting up for something… And that something has yet to come around in the month and a half that it’s been on. The show has been lumbering around like a drunk ready to pass out. There’s no direction and the weaving is way too much for me. Now, I just wish it would pass out for a good long nap.

Pushing Daisies had me at the beginning, but by the third episode… I had gotten tired of it. And the strange thing is… I don’t know why.

My Wednesday nights are free! No VCR chains bind me! So whaddya say we all go out drinking?!

Now I am glad to see that Nip/Tuck has gotten a funny bone. And the cool thing is… They’re making fun of their own legacy!

The docs have moved out west to Beverly Hills and seem to have gotten away from the dead weight storylines from the past few seasons. The show had gotten pretty bad and like my friend Christine, I only watched out of loyalty. I have this past Tuesday’s episode on tape and eventually I will get around to watching it.

I love the fact that they’re thumbing their noses at themselves. The docs are advising the actors and producers of a television show that takes places in and around the cosmetic surgery field. Nip/Tuck's writers are even recycling past storylines in a very clever way.

I love it! If you have to recycle (and a lot of shows do), do it creatively and in a funny way. They have hit the bull’s eye and I’m pretty excited to see where the season is going.

If there’s something you feel strongly about… Tell us all. Leave a comment, dammit.

Today’s musical choice has a MySpace page. Sweet Cicada is a musical project from my cousin, Dan Lively. Drop by and check it out for yourself. Tell him that I sent ya.

And feel free to check out my page as well.

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