Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rihanna 'Good Girl Gone Bad'

Okay… So Halloween is old news. It’s been over a week since it came and went. And yet I still have the remains of a horror movie bug burrowed inside my head. But nothing seems to satisfy this hungry little bugger.

I recently settled in for some scary fun with the movie Dead Silence. I let it play for about 40 minutes before I pulled that mofo from my DVD player.

Not only was it bad, but it was boring.

Dead Silence is another offering from the same writers and directors of the Saw films. That knowledge should have screamed at me as to how bad the film could be, but I was apparently deafened by dead silence.

The first Saw film was utter crap. Sure, it had a good premise, but it was just mean and nasty with absolutely no substance. I didn’t care about the characters/victims or even the killer named Jigsaw. The film was an exercise in seeing how much it can make the audience squirm.

Before seeing Saw 3 in theaters, I was forced to sit through another viewing of Saw along with Saw II. The person that I watched them with is a rather intelligent person, but I was a little dumbfounded as to why they actually paid money for these films on DVD.

Don’t get me wrong… I love bad movies. I just happen to adore the ones that aren’t intentionally bad… For example… Plan 9 From Outer SpaceViva Knievel… and The Conqueror.

The problem with Dead Silence is the lack of character development. The writer(s) did a fine job of letting us know that the main character has a thing for retro items. He’s got an old stereo. He lives in an old apartment. He has old amplifiers and a Les Paul guitar. He even drives an old muscle car.

They even do a nice job of giving the hangin’ tough detective (Donnie Wahlberg) a nice little quirk… He’s constantly shaving with an electric razor. But it’s too much for a movie character… It’s a quirk that should be spread out during a run on a television series. Working it into a film every 20 minutes is a little too much.

Perhaps that is the problem with those films… The writers try to load too much into a 90 minute flick. And from what I understand, Dead Silence was a flop. But that didn’t stop the juggernaut of Saw sequels… Saw 4 is currently in theaters and I’m thankful that I didn’t have to sit through that one. At least not yet.

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