Sunday, November 11, 2007

Various Artists 'Rubaiyat: Elektra's 40th Anniversary'

The NASCAR season is winding down and that means that my full attention will go to watching Redskins football. I typically watch the full race while watching as much of the football game that I can. When the race goes to commercial, I flip over to check the game. Or if the race gets boring… Like today’s race in Phoenix. It’s normally a very boring race.

One of the things that I cannot stand about watching football games on the Fox Network… It’s that stupid robot they have bouncing around the bottom left corner of our TV screens.

I know that I wrote about the damn thing last year too. That animated piece of sh*t bugs the crap out of me. And to top it off… Fox Sports has put out a plastic action figure of the asinine thing.

See for yourself…

I Googled the Fox NFL Robot and I was shocked to find there are people out there who actually LIKE the thing. They’ve even gone to the trouble of telling the world how much they like it by posting their Fox Robot love out there on the World Wide Web… I know… By making a posting about my hatred of it seems kinda stupid too. I’ll admit it. I’m just sure there are many more robot haters than there are of robot lovers.

Lets take sides people!

I plan on taking more of an interest in Redskins football this year. Right now… If you tied me to a chair, put a gun to my head, and threaten me with splattering my brains onto the wall unless I can name 11 Redskins players… My gray matter would undoubtedly become one with wallpaper.

Don’t get me wrong… I try to watch just about every single Redskins game. I just don’t keep up with the names of the players. They change all the damn time. There’s no more loyalty in big league sports. Where are the career players like Chris Hanburger, Sam Huff, and Darryl Green?

It’s simply too much to keep up with. I don’t even keep up with the names of movie or television actors and actresses.

Not to sound completely obtuse… I just found out last Wednesday that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. I didn’t even know the playoffs or World Series were over with.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… My “Man Card” has been put into the mail.

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