Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eagles 'Long Road Out Of Eden'

I’m constantly amazed about where our tax dollars go. And usually, there’s some sort of trail to see where it all goes. All it takes are a pair of open eyes… Take this for example…

Is this a message that’s just not getting through? Does everyone NOT know that 21 is the legal drinking age?

I kept seeing an advertisement right off Lee and Eugene Streets in downtown Greensboro. I never really gave it much thought until the other day.

I wonder just how many millions of dollars it took to develop this informative and yet unnecessary website. How many millions of dollars are set aside for billboards, radio/television commercials, and print ads?

I’m sorry, but that sort of thing totally blows my mind.

Here’s something that I found incredibly funny on The Onion

Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again

--Once again I ventured through the aisles of confusion at the Home Depot this past Monday. I had to pick up a few supplies for various things needed around the station and for live broadcast events… Such as Murphy In The Morning’s “Dog-O-Ween” that took place today.

I can change a tire. I can change oil. I can even pump some gas. I have my moments when I’m a decently handy kind of guy. But when I go into a large home improvement store… I’m lost. I couldn’t be any more confused even if I were standing on the tampon/feminine hygiene aisle at the giant drug store.

What would take my father 10 minutes to locate, pick up, and purchase… It takes me a good 30 minutes or more. Sure… I could simply walk up to a helpful person there at the Home Depot and have them escort me all around the store, but I have this “I can find it myself” kind of attitude.

I figure that if I use my brain by reading the aisle labels, I should be able to find exactly what I need without having to bother anyone. The only way I want to bother them is by making them think to themselves, “Hey… That dumb ass has passed me 7 times in the last 10 minutes”.

I found a few rubber things used to strap things in fairly quickly (notice that I don’t know what those “rubber things” are called… And that’s not for a funny effect). The aisle said “Tie Downs” and they were found right there. Simple. Next!

Finding a winder for an extension cord proved to be a little more elusive. I spent time in the electrical and when I couldn’t find it there, I started fanning out. I found the extension cords and what did I find on the very same aisle? Winders. Cool. Next.

I needed clips or something to clip things with. As you can read, I don’t really know what they’re “officially” called. Perhaps they’re also called “clamps”. So my brain told me to check out the aisle labeled with “Clamps”. I gave it a quick once over and didn’t find what I needed. So I started exploring other parts of the store.

After putting shoe leather to good use on the 2 million square feet of home improvement store, I decided to ask someone.

I found a very helpful man in an orange vest and I said, “I’ve got two questions for you… One… Where can I find clamps (I sort of explained exactly what I needed)? And two… How do you remember where everything is in this place?”

He said that they change the store layout all the time. So he has to constantly update things in his head as he took me right to the aisle labeled “Clamps”.

Hmmmm… I had been there before. But I didn’t feel stupid or anything because what I needed was at the very bottom of the shelf. Definitely well within snake bite range.

Hopefully, I won’t have to visit there again any time soon.

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