Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cars 'Panorama'

Last night… I wrote a blog telling you about how excited that I was about seeing an episode of Rescue Me as it was being broadcasted on FX…

Well… Let me TELL you… It was a very uneventful experience. It was as thrilling as sitting at home on a Saturday night plucking the lint from your navel.

I guess I expected all kinds of excitement. It just didn’t happen. As a matter of fact, it was very much unexciting. First of all, I had to wait out all the damn commercials. Sh*t! It seemed like there were 5 minutes of commercials until we got back to the trials and tribulations of Tommy Gavin. There’s only so many times I can see commercials about a “Man’s Man” diet plan until I want to choke a kitten. Maybe I’m exaggerating here… But I KNOW that I was digging my thumbnails into my wrists waiting out all those paid advertisements. DAMN!

I’m sorry. I guess I need that instant gratification of seeing one episode after another on DVD as opposed to seeing them as they air. The commercials were a f’ing buzz kill.

And it’s funny… I don’t even remember what happened on the show. I know there was an AA meeting along with rodents running around, but that’s about it. And it seems that Tommy Gavin spent some time in the Priest’s side of a confessional… But that’s about all I remember.

Seriously… Watching it as it was being broadcasted was an extreme letdown. I haven’t felt this letdown since FOX cancelled Malcolm In The Middle.

And here’s something that I couldn’t believe…

I subscribe to the Greensboro News & Record. I opened up my issue of ‘Go Triad’ this morning and find an announcement for the Best of the Triad voting. And I starting thinking to myself… “Cool! I wonder if I’ll be fortunate enough to get a second Best Blog of the Triad award.”

Hell… I didn’t expect the first one, but I had hope of a second.

But guess what?

They have eliminated that category from the voting. Yeah! The tablecloth has been pulled from my table and all the dishes, utensils, and food have spilled all over the floor.

First of all… I didn’t think anyone read my little rants and raves. I didn’t campaign for it and I managed to beat out FAR better blogs. Blogs that actually have something to say. Blogs that actually tell you something, keep you informed… The blogs that matter.

On the positive side… I can at least say that I went out on top. I won the last Best Blog of the Triad award.

Oh well… Get me another Natty Greene’s Old Town Brown.

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