Monday, August 27, 2007

Various Artists 'D.I.Y.'

Yes… Another Summertime Brewsfest is over. I’m constantly amazed how 6 months of work goes into this 4 hour event.

My week leading up to the Summertime Brewsfest was filled with lots of busy hours. On some days… I didn’t even realize that I haven’t had lunch until my stomach started rumbling louder than usual. And on one day, I didn’t get time to answer the growling beast inside. I just toughed it out until it was time to go home.

I started off Saturday morning at around 9am with Weather Dave and Adam Korn. We were the backbone of “getting things” done and in order.

The Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion was cool as vendors and brewers starting showing up. Then as the day moved on and the public moved in… It started getting hotter. Actually… When 5pm rolled around, my shirt was soaking wet with my own sweat. I think that I took a leak around 10am and I didn’t have to do it again until around 11:30pm. I did my best to stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 twenty ounce bottles of water per hour. But throwing around kegs and 20 pound bags of ice tend to keep the sweat flowing. My shoulders are still a little achy today.

I did find something rather odd at this year’s Summertime Brewsfest… I kept seeing the nipples of women EVERYWHERE!

It wasn’t on purpose… I’m really not into getting my jollies by peering down women’s blouse.

For some reason, women that were wearing low cut shirts, blouses, and halter tops were bending over to pick things up in front of me all during the Brewsfest. And BOOM! There they were! Exposed breasts complete with their wonderful little friends; the nipples. It really wasn’t my fault! Once I caught onto what my perverted little eyes were doing… My brain would quickly slap them and I’d get back to business at hand. I’m only a flesh and red-blooded male… I am weak.

I went back to our base of operations (Summertime Brewsfest Souvenir Booth) and told Mitch, Adam, and Bryan that I had seen more nipples than on the infant aisle at Toys R’ Us. Amazingly, they all agreed to follow me around whenever I went to fetch something or take care of whatever fire popped up.

And it even got better a little later…

I was standing around talking with someone from the American Red Cross (the charity the Brewsfest was benefiting) when this tiny and attractive woman came up to me. She introduced herself at “Kelly” and I introduced myself as The Self-Proclaimed…

“…Bad Boy of Rock 92!” she shouted as she finished my sentence. Then she said, “Look at this,” as she pointed to a temporary tattoo between her breasts.

The lady from the American Red Cross had decided to high-tail it away from me at this point. And the slightly inebriated “Kelly” leaned in closer to me and pulled her shirt down and out. She showed me everything from her neck to her navel and promised to send me pictures of herself in various states of undress. At which point her husband walked up and said, “She’s got some hot pictures too!”

What do you say when these things happen?

She broke the ice as she asked, “Does this mean I get a T-Shirt?”

As it turned out… She was sent my way by the guys manning the Souvenir table. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing my reaction to “Kelly’s” T-shirt request and I have to admit that I enjoyed it as well.

For the record, I haven’t received any pictures from “Kelly”. Oh well… There’s something to be said about sobriety. I’m sure she forgot all about it once alcohol levels started dropping in her bloodstream. She did score herself a T-shirt.

Sorry… But no matter where you work in the rock n’ roll business… A woman shows her breasts to you… She deserves a T-shirt.

I ended up working for about 14 hours on Saturday… And I felt bad about not hooking up with a friend of mine when she went out celebrating her birthday. I was just too sweaty, smelly, and tired to even entertain the idea. Plus… Even though I was in a relatively decent mood… I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken too long for it to sour as my waking hours continued into the early morning.

When it’s all said and done… The Summertime Brewsfest was successful for a third year. It was great seeing some of you out there too! I hope to see you again next year.

Here’s a T-shirt that I found there that I can easily agree with…

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