Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Neil Young and Crazy Horse 'Sleeps With Angels'

It’s been like a year since I last owned a pair of sunglasses. The last pair I had just gave up the ghost one day and fell apart. No big loss… They were about 9 bucks at Target and they were much needed the day I bought them. Since they decided to cash in their life card and head upwards towards sunglasses heaven, I haven’t purchased another pair.

I’ve had plenty of time and money to get another “cheap” pair of shades, but I just haven’t bit that bullet yet. I squint when driving into the sunset. I drive into the rising sun while peering through slits made by my eyelids. I work diligently as the sun spills all over my retinas. When I’m outside, I’m always looking like that guy from 3rd Rock From The Sun… French Stewart. I’m in a constant squint and I’m getting tired of it.

I’ve got it in my mind that I want another pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The last and only pair of Ray-Bans that I ever had stayed with me a long time. Through think and thin… Through summer and winter… Through Cheech and Chong… Those babies performed and I loved them. I cared for them. I never went anywhere without them. Well… Almost anywhere.

When I was working at an office supply company making deliveries, I made the mistake of leaving them in the shipping/receiving office. My ex-fiancée surprised me one day by showing up to take me to dinner when I got off work. She threw off my whole game. It was her fault, my dearly departed Ray-Bans!

It was near the end of my time working there… I was going to be laid off in the weeks to come…

The next day when I arrived to work, I turned the office upside down looking for my eye-shading babies. I wasn’t upset about losing money on them because they were given to me as a gift. I was upset because I loved them and my eyes are somewhat sensitive to light. Mainly because I wear contact lenses and those jokers will increase light into the eyes.

I couldn’t find them. So I started suspecting my coworkers of something I did not want to believe… Perhaps someone I worked with stole them. I asked around and I was told by everyone that my sunglasses were there before they left work the night before. Even the last guy who was always one of the last people to leave for the day confirmed what everyone else had said.

My suspicion then turned towards my boss… He and I weren’t on good terms. We had our problems and we didn’t talk at work unless it was strictly about business. In my opinion… He was a thoughtless and immature assh*le. And that’s why I thought he could be childish enough to take from me one of the things I loved. He couldn’t get me to quit. He couldn’t fire me because I did what I was supposed to do at all times. And he knew how much I loved those shades. We even had a discussion about them once… They were a discontinued line.

I’ve been planning on purchasing another pair of Ray-Bans, but I haven’t been able to splurge on a pair. Every now and again I will visit their website and peruse the selection. I’m looking for that perfect pair and I haven’t found them yet. You just can’t go all willy-nilly when choosing the right one. It has to be the perfect one. Once I find those perfect Ray-Bans, I will head directly to an authorized retailer and plop down my check card to take them to their new home… My face.

I like wearing sunglasses for many reasons… They keep the sunlight out of my eyes. That makes driving easier and keeps me happy when I have to be in sunlight for long periods of time. The other reason… If they’re dark enough… I can look at things that I couldn’t look at without them… Yes. It’s about ogling women. I’ll admit it. If the cleavage is there, I’ll look. But only with sunglasses. I can also check out the ladies as they stroll by. Again… I’ll look and ogle if my eyes are hidden from the rest of the world. And it’s been a very long time since I was able to do that.

While driving around town today at 6pm… I thought about how I need another pair of shades. I’m thinking that bullet will be bitten this weekend.

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