Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Who 'Endless Wire'

Ahhhhhh…. Another night filled with sleep and 9 hours of it! 07/07/07 turned out to be quite a lucky day indeed.

As you may or may not know… I’ve been a member of Netflix for a long time. Longer than many species have in their life cycle… How’s that for a sad fact?

And I guess that Netflix has added a little something to compete with the new Blockbuster way of rentals by adding a “Watch It Now” feature online.

I have seen the feature there every time I log in, but I’ve never used it. I figured that it would be like watching television shows online where the action would freeze up every 7 seconds. I tried that whenever I missed taping one of the shows I liked, but that constant freezing up was more annoying than a roomful of hungry cats.

Well, I had some extra time on my hands yesterday and decided that I would check it out. I saw that they had some of the titles listed on my queue. I made myself a glass of unsweetened tea (no ice for those keeping score) and got comfortable in front of the computer.

Since I have a 5 at a time Netflix habit, I can watch in hours the money I spend with them per month. That translates to 30 hours of watching whatever they have ready to go per month. So I chose to knock a title off my queue by watching Jim Gaffigan’s little standup DVD.

The picture quality was very good and that annoying freezing was almost non-existent. As a matter of fact, what little freezing did occur was barely noticeable. I can totally watch movies online through Netflix! The sun was already shining, but I swear that it got brighter as I heard a choir full of angels sing one long “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”.

But after twenty laughless minutes of Jim Gaffigan’s standup… It was time to pull the plug on that guy. Yes, I thought his “cake” routine was amusing, but he just doesn’t crack me up. That high-pitch talking in the third person bit gets old after awhile… If 20-minutes can be considered “after awhile”. Mr. Gaffigan’s DVD only got 1 out of 5 stars with me, meaning… I hated it. I will never trust the opinions of Goatboy from the Two Guys Named Chris show ever again.

There are quite a few movies that I could watch “right now” instead of waiting around for them to send them to me, but I think I’m going to knock out one of the television series first.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying the TV shows on DVD more than the movies I receive. I’ve been digging on the old series The Wild, Wild West. And then passing them off to my sister Tina and my brother-in-law Richard even though I am trying to get through them as quickly as possible in order to catch up with season 3 of Rescue Me. Once I get season 3 under my belt I can start watching my tapes of the current season running now. Tina and Richard are currently sitting on 2 DVD’s of The Wild, Wild West while I’m twiddling my thumbs. Not that I’m angry or anything… It’s just that the sound of clock ticking is louder than The Who in concert. It feels like I’m wasting money. I’m a firm believer in quick turnaround!

Well it’s time for me to take a shower and settle back down in front of the computer to start watching season 1 of Dead Like Me. That’ll knock a little something-something off my TV queue.

Yes… I have 2 separate queues. Here’s the buddy call out… (movies) and (TV).

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  1. I'm glad 07/07/07 was lucky for you. Some of us had to make our own luck!

    Happy netflixing!