Saturday, July 07, 2007

Asleep At The Wheel 'Tribute To The Music Of Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys'

My 07/07/07 has started off lucky! I got 9and 1/2 hours of sleep without pills, booze, or sex. Okay… Well… At least I’m proud of two of those. The sleep was much needed and my mind isn’t a fiery blaze of thoughts anymore.

I was explaining some things I did while I worked for Capitol Records the other day… And here’s one of the strangest things concerning that place. I have only told 2 people about it… Mike McKinney and my ex-fiancée.

As I have written before… The Capitol Records distribution center was a BIG place. A very BIG place. There were lots of nooks and crannies where you could hide out and be alone for a while. I would often find a quiet spot to write my silly “Trailer Park Lovedaddies” songs. Later, I would go home and record them on my 4-track home studio.

This was all before everyone had a PC where anyone could easily turn their home into a recording studio. I still have that Tascam 4-track recorder somewhere… Writing my goofy little songs filled the void of going out and having a social life. And it was a great way for me to stay creative instead of masturbating 6 times a day.

Now we’re finally getting to that previously mentioned strange thing…

I don’t know why, but I always wanted to urinate somewhere in that warehouse. I always felt the urge to defile a nice quiet spot in one of the many nooks and crannies.

I never did it for several reasons… It was dumb and childish. It could’ve gotten me fired. And it was just plain stupid.

I just never understood why I wanted to do it. It seemed like such a weird thing to me… And I thought of it in my own head! What in the hell does that say about me?

I have never thought about doing anything like that with any other job… Past or present.

I know it was because I loathed working there at the time. But I still can’t understand why my hatred of that place manifested itself that way. I mean, who goes around urinating in weird places at work?

For awhile… I thought I was going crazy. Mike McKinney laughed his ass off when I first told him about it and my ex-fiancée actually told me that I should do it… She hated the place as much as I did. She even told me that I should leave a hot steamy loaf on the shipping supervisor’s desk.

Even though things didn’t work out with us… She was always very supportive with my work excretion desires.

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  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Maybe blogger wouldn't let you put in a title, because it was trying to tell you in its own little way not to write this entry. Maybe some things are supposed to be kept to :)
    Glad you finally got some sleep btw.
    Stina :)