Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show 5/14/04 (B)

Christine sent me an email today telling me that The Loop was returning to FOX TV tonight. After I dropped a “surprised” hot-steamy loaf on the carpeted floors of Dick Broadcasting, I bolted towards the nearest computer. Because as we all now know… We can’t use anything else to look things up these days. Even when the newspaper is within inches of my fingertips.

Yes… I noticed that once I started waiting for the FOX website to load.

For some reason, I thought The Loop was to return this past January. I looked and looked. I waited. I lit candles in windows. I consulted psychics and tarot readers. I even asked Deidre, but there seemed to be no return for The Loop.

I simply let a piece of me die and gave up all hope of ever seeing one of the funniest shows I had come across since Arrested Development.

BUT!!! I went to the FOX website and there it was… The Loop returns this Sunday night on FOX! Two big shows… One at 8:30pm and the other at 9:30pm.

In the immortal words of Eek The Cat… “Let Heaven and nature sing!”

Check out The Loop website.

I’m telling you… There was a show last year called “Jack Air” that had me in tears. I had to repeat the same scene several times because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hear everything.

I subjected my brothers-in-laws to the same scene… And they too were in stitches.

Just take my word for it… The Loop is hilarious. I love the way they say things that sounds like their cursing. Instead of using real words and phrases… They make up sh*t. Like… “jack balls” and “screw him in the acorn”. We get the idea, but there’s nothing to fire up the network censors.

I’ve been eating a lot lately at the Chipotle Mexican Grill on Wendover. I am REALLY digging that place. And haven’t been all that adventurous… I’ve been 3 times and I keep getting the same thing every time.

I know… It’s like going to a brothel with over one hundred ladies and ordering the same blonde again and again.

Do any of you do exhibit that type of weird behavior or am I the crazy one?

I always get the burrito with rice, black beans, chicken, sour cream, and cheese. The thing is roughly the size of a coconut and when it hits the tummy… You know it’s there. And it tends to stay with you for the day.

As Joe Davis told me today… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I had one of them babies at 1pm and I’m still not hungry for dinner… It’s 6:36 pm as I write this.

They’re opening another location over in the Westover Terrace/Battleground area. That’s a little closer to my domicile.

And if you’re over at the Wendover location, tell Ronnie and Tori that I said “Hi”. A lot of us from Dick Broadcasting go there. As a matter of fact… Today, when I went with Weather Dave, Ronie Alexander, Jason Goodman, and Joe Davis… We saw about 8 of our coworkers from the sales department there during our visit. It has become overrun with Dick Broadcasting folks.

Incredibly good stuff!

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  1. They're also opening one at the forthcoming Alamance Crossing up at Elon College - nary a 10 minute drive for me. I'm excited.

    I've been singing Chipotle's praises ever since I went to visit a friend in Chicago back in 2002 and experienced one for the first time. They're fantastic.