Monday, June 04, 2007

David Bowie 'The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987'

Finally! Robby Gordon got himself back into the top 10 today! I was very excited and I’m still a little giddy… His tenth place finish today was his first top 10 finish since last October. And it helps out his points so he can make races, unlike Michael Waltrip.

I expect him to have another top 10 finish and quite possibly a win when the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series hits Sonoma, California on June 24th. That’s a road course event and Mr. R. Gordon excels in those babies.

And “Jerk” Busch is an ass! He came very close to hitting one of Tony Stewart’s crew members on pit road. He got angry about an on track incident and decided to slide in next to Stewart’s car as he was pitting to have a word of prayer. The crew member had to jump onto the hood of the Home Depot car to avoid becoming a race-related incident.

Now do you understand why I call Kurt Busch “Jerk” Busch?

It was totally uncool, but you know what? It made for great television because I loved it.

I forgot to mention yesterday… There’s a new number one friend on my MySpace page! Please welcome Bright Eyes To Wonder to my top spot! They hail from Black Mountain, North Carolina. Drop by and give them some love. Also, I’m featuring one of their tunes on my page. Enjoy!

Over the weekend, I managed to watch a movie from Netflix. I dug into Running With Scissors and it was probably one of the weirdest little films that I have ever seen. To be honest… It was F’ed up! But it was a good F’ed up!

The psychiatrist in the movie seemingly duped people out of their money and managed to adopt the children of his patients. He was TOTALLY CRAZY! When he was being hassled by the IRS for back taxes, he feared losing his practice, his family, and his house. And one morning, he found a good omen in the toilet. That’s right! His bowel movement was a message from God! And it was one of the funniest things that I have seen in a long time.

The movie was a little disjointed at times, but for some wacky reason, I really dug it. So much so that I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on the Netflix grading scale.

Granted… It’s not for everyone so therefore I cannot recommend it. My tastes run a little on the sick side and this film has plenty of disturbing things for me to laugh at. But there is a sad side… The film is based on a true story. And if half of the things in the film were true… That dude, Augusten Burrough, had one hell of a weird life.

Well… I’m out of here. Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Does this mean you've finally started considering your audience when recommending movies & TV? No more, "I love it so everybody must love it"?

    This feels like a breakthrough!

  2. With all due respect... Shut the hell up... :)

  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    If you haven't read the book, you must get thyself to the library and read it NOW. It will put the movie in a whole different perspective, and make you appreciate a couple of scenes a whole lot more.

  4. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Look, I'm commenting again!

    Man, the week after I finally get around to sitting out Kasey "League Killer" Kahne, Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart's "incident" put a two-for-one hurting on my team again. It must be some kind of karmic retribution for last season's dominance.

    5 stars for "Running With Scissors"? Wow. Now that I have a positive review to balance out the negative one, I just might check it out. I had a friend who watched it and was unimpressed... or perhaps disgusted. At this time, I cannot recall which one it was.

    Of course, I told her that I had not too long before read the actual book, and, as Bebo before me, thought it was pretty good. Of course, whenever you say a book featuring some of the things that one did was "good" you get some funny looks. But whatever... I stand by my statement and second its recommendation.