Thursday, June 07, 2007

Robin Trower 'Essential'

Last night, I became a little concerned about a rock legend. Here’s why…

I finally got to sit down and watch School For Scoundrels (which I graded with 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix) last night. I kicked off my shoes, put my feet up, and Sidney (Kristina’s cat) curled up on my lap for some affection. In the movie, one of the prospective scoundrels (Moby-look-alike) got up and sang Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” during a karaoke scene.

No red flag, but I enjoyed the song.

I had an idea for something and called Benjy Johnson to see if he could help me with it. I left a message.

When he called me back, he started telling me about an old neighbor of his while he was growing up. I can’t remember his name, but Benjy said the guy was from a holy-rolling, Bible-thumping, kinda Southern Baptist family. Someone that you wouldn’t expect to be playing techo music later on in life. Benjy also explained that the guy did some writing for ESP Magazine and got to interview Alice Cooper some years ago when he stopped in Greensboro on the ‘Brutal Planet’ tour.

There was the rock legend again. Still no red flags.

Benjy was raving (no techo pun intended) about the Alice Cooper interview. The guy burned it onto a disc for him and Benjy’s planning on making me a copy… Because I love me some Alice Cooper!

And while Benjy was explaining some of the finer points of the excellent interview… Benjy heard something on his satellite radio…

As a side note… Why folks with TONS of musical selections around the house and throughout the office pay for satellite radio is beyond me. I’ve got thousands of CD’s and other goodies to listen to… Why would I waste money by actually paying to listen to it again?

I don’t get it.

Back to Benjy… He had his satellite radio tuned into “Hair Nation”… I think it’s called… It’s a hard rock channel that specializes in 80’s hard rock. As Benjy and I were discussing Alice Cooper, an Alice Cooper song came on.

I paused and said to Benjy, “Man… Someone is trying to tell me something. That’s the third reference to Alice Cooper in the last hour for me. Something is bringing my attention to him.”

The big red flag presented itself.

Yes, Benjy agreed that it was a little weird, but it was a burning hot desire in my mighty gut. I had to know why Mr. Cooper was being pointed out to me.

I couldn’t get onto the Internet because Kristina’s service comes and it goes… And last night, it checked out early.

I thought about calling someone to look Alice up, but I figured it was nothing. Eventually, the answer will come.

When I walked into work today, I explained the weird occurrences to Ronie Alexander. She too thought it was a little odd.

We found nothing on the Internet. Alice wasn’t dead. Alice wasn’t in a horrible golfing accident. As a matter of fact, he just had a great turnout for a recent charity event. Apparently, all was well in Alice Cooper’s life.

Usually when things like that happen to me, I take notice. I figure that it’s the universe trying to tell me something. Who knows? Perhaps something will come about soon.

Do these things ever happen to you?


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Seems to me that Alice Cooper should have been the musical selection.

  2. Jeff,

    I thought about breaking my routine, but I just can't. My mental illness just won't allow breaking my system... Although in the rotation, Alice Cooper is looming.

  3. Anonymous1:45 AM

    yes, it happens to me a lot...
    of course you know why i think mr. furnier was mystically reappearing to you... i think it may have to do with something rather unique about him, compared with his peers: his view on the source of such (some say) 'coincidental' mystical appearances?