Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hugh Marsh 'Shaking The Pumpkin'

When I got to work last night and looked in my production box, I saw a piece of paper listing the concert dates found on our website. My eyes were immediately drawn to one particular artist on that list… CHEAP TRICK!

That’s right, ladies and gentleman. Cheap Trick have a gig in Charlotte and I’m going to be MF’ing there… Unless I’m dead. And that’s the only reason that I wouldn’t be there. Unless, of course, someone I know has died. Damn… Death can be a real buzz kill.

Cheap Trick is second on my all-time favorite musical artist list just behind KISS. Here's Cheap Trick's biography from

I’ve seen them a few years ago at this same event and they were AWESOME! Rick Nielson even let us touch his rare “mandocello” guitar. Man, oh man, was that a thrill for me and David Barker.

They’ll be playing at the Food Lion Speed Street Festival in downtown Charlotte. It’s all part of the Coca-Cola 600 festivities during the Memorial Day race weekend at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Here’s the link.

My Netflix garden had gotten out of hand. I have wrangled that joker and my queue has been worked out. My mess has been straightened out. I’ve even managed to pull out a few weeds from the garden so that I’ll never have another Code Name: The Cleaner in there sucking out the nutrients. It must be a movie that I would actually spend money on in order to make my queue.

No matter the release date of the new DVD’s, I would put every title in alphabetical order. It seemed like a good plan, but without being able to create a quick and speedy turnover with each rental… I call it catch and release… Things kept piling up and poor little You, Me, & DuPree and World Trade Center has sat at the bottom of the list for quite a long time.

So I have reworked my queue once again and everything should be copasetic. I went ahead and put all the alphabetical stragglers at the top with the various “short waits”, “long waits”, and “very long waits” behind them. Every fifth title is an old school release that has been gathering moss on my queue since I joined Netflix.

Then with the titles that won’t be released until their street dates… They are put into alphabetical order with an old school title separating the following week’s releases.

I should be able to get a good mix of new releases along with titles that I’ve been meaning to see for a very long time. And for some reason, I feel better. I feel like something is getting accomplished. Should you choose to become a Netflix buddy of mine... Use this email address...

I’m going out of town this weekend to a place where my cell phone won’t pick up a signal. I’m pretty excited about going somewhere remote, distant, and away from work. I haven’t had a vacation in over 7 years. Three days off and away from everyone with copious amounts of alcohol is putting the bounce back into my step.

This may sound crazy, but I may even sit around with nothing but the sounds of nature around me.

So don’t look for any updates until maybe Monday. I appreciate you dropping by. And for the record, the entry where I mentioned Clay Aiken… The site hits more than tripled! With that being said… I’ll try Brad’s advice… Katharine McPhee Naked!

I’ll let you know how the stats turn out on that one.


  1. I saw Cheap Trick in the 80's when they played at our college. I don't remember much about it but I don't think my memory loss had anything to do with the band. I recall a band member wearing a little hat and playing a double guitar (or was I having double vision?)

  2. Joan,

    You weren't having double vision. Double necked guitars are the norm with Rick Nielson. But I must tell you... If you saw him with the 5 neck guitar, you could've possibly went into some sort of impaired shock that you couldn't have come out of in that condition.

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    It might help if you spell her name correctly.

  4. Done Brad! Thanks!

    Damn bitches with their off-spelling!