Thursday, January 04, 2007

Willie P. Richardson 'The Phone Gangster'

We’re not even a full week into the New Year and already very positive things are happening.

I got an email from Brad the other day that caused me to jump from my chair and shout “YEAH!”

Here’s the deal…

After years of struggling with the bean counters at BMI and ASCAP, Season One of WKRP In Cincinnati will finally be released on DVD this April 3rd. I’ve marked my calendar and I’m checking on how to preorder it so that it will arrive in my longing my arms either on or near that glorious day.

It seems that there are a lot of songs wrapped up inside that show. Ever since music became easier to steal, pissing off Garth Brooks and Lars Ulrich, song publishers have been relentless about getting every penny entitled to them. That is the reason that it has taken so long for WKRP In Cincinnati to come out on DVD.

Another bit of good news hit me this afternoon…

My nephew Preston has been watching my Season One of Malcolm In The Middle with me. He loves it! He laughs his little ass off during the show and for some reason, Malcolm is his favorite character (for those keeping score, Reese is my fave). He immediately wanted to give Malcolm his 5 Star approval on Netflix. And today when I checked to see if I had in fact rated the only set that has been available for more than a few years with no subsequent seasonal releases after or in the future, it seems that I and the rest of the “naysayers” were wrong. The other six seasons are going to be released in the near future because Netflix has finally listed them all for subscribers to “SAVE” in their queue.

If I get news that Season Four of Green Acres is due soon, I may just have to grab a weapon, point it towards some clouds high above my head, and fire a few celebratory rounds like a true West Virginian.

I’m starting to think that 2007 is going to be a very positive year!

This afternoon, I watched a couple of movies from Netflix… I didn’t really care much for the remake of All The King’s Men starring Sean Penn, Jude Law, and Kate Winslett. I did finish it as I did a few chores around the house.

All The King’s Men got only 3 stars out of me, but I would like to check out the 1949 original that won an Oscar for Best Picture.

As for The Covenant, that movie didn’t even make it past my 20-minute test. I felt as if it was wasting my time and pulled the plug on that bad boy. It got only 1 star from me. In Netflix speak, that means that I hated it.

The story didn’t grab me and it all looked way too stylized for my tastes. Magical or not, punk teenagers with Hummers and unlimited powers don’t really do it for me. And besides, when I saw that the movie wasn’t going to exploit the “hot little blonde” when she got out of the shower naked... Why that just drove in the last nail. How dare they?!

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    I am looking forward to getting my Bailey Quarters fixes again.