Sunday, January 07, 2007

William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo + Juliette’ Music from the Motion Picture Volume 2

Guam is still on my mind. Read all about it….

It sounds like a great place! Guam is the head of Uncle Sam’s penis stretching all the way across the Pacific to any threat that may pop up. It’s great place to make your strike from if you have to do so. Some former personnel have said that Guam is basically one U. S. Military Base made of three different branches. All the comforts of home and they’re to take care of business if someone wants to set up shop. I like the idea that when I’m vacationing there, I can cut loose while Uncle Sam watches my back.

The local police take care of things. And if someone comes along and puts a knee-lift into Uncle Sam’s giblets, I will be protected far away from home.

In my opinion, that’s not a bad deal. The folks of Guam also get protection if provoked by a hostile display of force… Or as the American Dream Dusty Rhodes would say, “An attack, if you will.”

The citizens of Guam have been assimilated and americanized. They seem to like it almost of much as we do. They are allowed to do whatever they desire. Freedom is restricted by only the laws for the greater good. Meanwhile, we wipe out their culture and replace it with our very own. Burger King’s are plentiful and all the libations from the U.S. are readily available. They can watch MTV’s The Real World, The Disney Channel, and the ever so cool Buffy The Vampire Slayer instead of some news. Citizens of Guam may do as they please as long as they don’t cause any trouble. And that sounds pretty cool to me.

And it’s not like they aren’t keeping things real in Guam, the nose flute has made a comeback. A fact found on the official website…

Ford seems to be my vehicle of choice. I have owned four of them… A 1973 Gran Torino, an ’87 Escort EXP, and two Rangers. And Ford seems to be going the way of the dinosaur and the Lite-Brite.

That got me to thinking…

The Eagles have a song called “Take It Easy” where they sing about standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona having a conversation with the Lord and a girl in a flatbed Ford slows down to give someone the visional once over.

Right now the song is a staple on radio. A classic that may stand the test of time. But what if Ford isn’t around in 50 years? Will that generation know what they hell the Eagles are singing about? Will they have to “google” the words “flatbed Ford”? Will Fords only be found in museums?

Like this one…

Dick Trickle’s Heilig-Meyers Ford Thunderbird.

Will Ford be gone and forgotten like the phrase “the cat’s meow”?

Perhaps I should make all attempts in keeping Roxy, my Ranger, around. She could become valuable and collectible.

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