Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'Beyond The Valley Of The Blue Velvet Dolls' A mix tape by Brad Kesler

I just finished up the original 1974 film Black Christmas. And let me tell you folks, it rocks!

I remember seeing it when I was younger and they edited it for television. I couldn’t appreciate the film’s rhythm and adult humor. I got pretty bored with it.

Now having watched it, I can easily see where most horror films got there general ideas. The camera work is awesome. The editing tricks make for a wonderful feast for the eyes. Those same tricks provide the underlying comedy found in the background giving you two separate scenes with one camera angle. The film has the ability to make you uneasy without gratuitous gore. And you never get to see the killer’s face because those scenes are generally from the killer’s prospective.

1974’s Black Christmas is a pure gem and should be cherished by fans of the horror genre as well as the film buffs who appreciate art in any form. John Saxon shows his true talents along with Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin (SCTV). I’ll be purchasing this baby soon!

In the immortal, for now, words of Monty Python… “Now for something completely different.”

I want to visit Guam.

When I was selling CD’s on eBay, I once sent a package to Guam. I was intrigued. I knew it was in the Pacific Ocean somewhere west of Hawaii, but I knew nothing else. I had no idea that postage would be no different because they are serviced by the United States Postal System. Yeah! Guam is a U.S. territory that lists English as one of its two official languages. They also use U.S. currency. Guam is a land of beauty and filled with a rich culture. The citizens like to party a lot too. I would also venture a guess that Guam has a military base for protection of Guam’s citizens and U.S. citizens alike. And lets not forget the nose flute that is making a return to the forefront of the island’s musical scene.

It sounds like a cool and safe place to get drunk, play a little Deep Purple on a nose flute with the hotel band, and pass out in the streets. Hell, it sounds a lot safer than Miami and with what scientists are saying about the rising ocean levels, Guam may not be on the map in 50 years. I’m going to start looking in on Guam.

I’ve already started checking out their website….

And I close with a quote from the great philosopher Chuck Berry… “Meanwhile… I’m still thinking”

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    Damn, I'm clever when it comes to mix-tape titles.