Monday, December 25, 2006

Guns n' Roses 'Spaghetti Incident'

It's Christmas Day and I can take it easy. I managed to get all my shopping done in pretty much a week, so everything is okay. I'm sorry if you keep coming back for an update... things got a little busy and if I wasn't working, I just didn't feel like writing.

You know the feeling right?

You do something because you enjoy it, but when you're pressed for time and demands are made for your attention you just skip it. Well, that's what happened to me and truth be told, I just got a little lazy.

I meant to mention this earlier... The current season of Medium is top notch television. So far there's only been one episode (Charles Walker: serial killer ghost) that didn't meet up to the rest of this season's crop. There was one episode entitled "Be Kind, Rewind" that knocked my socks off. It reran last Wednesday and I actually watched it again in real time instead of letting my VCR capture it for later viewing. If they aren't shopping that episode around to the members of whoever nominates individuals for Emmies, someone should pay for that oversight and fed to rhinos.

Jake Weber, who plays Allison Dubois' husband Joe, should seriously be considered for a supportive nomination just from the "Be Kind, Rewind" episode. Mr. Weber doesn't get the credit that he deserves.

And if you're not watching Medium, by all means rent seasons 1 & 2 to get caught up.

I started watching The Time Tunnel. Brad, a frequent commentor and friend from way back, suggested it to me. He said that it wasn't a great show, but the considerable "cheese" factor may just appeal to me.

He was right!

For unknown reasons, the show seems familiar to me. I may have seen it when I was very young, but only in the background on the television. It just looks familiar. And when the show's theme song came on, I recognized it from a "Television's Greatest Hits" CD in my collection.

I remember when I heard that theme for the first time and I thought to myself... "What in the hell is this?... I never heard of this show!"

Brad was right. The Time Tunnel is very cheesy, but on the other hand, there are moments of downright "good".

You can tell that it was given no big budget and the special effects would be considered laughable to most 8 year olds.

The first episode has James Darren (yes, that James Darren) thrown onto the Titanic. He forgets about StarFleet's Prime Directive and tries to change the outcome. Yeah, yeah... It's not a Star Trek show, but the butterfly would be affected. It's a standard thing in science-fiction where you can't or shouldn't change history. It creates alternate time lines and all other kinds of theories that'll make geeks yell in your face and throw Bomex glass beakers all over the place during a hissy fit.

James Darren is in the role of a scientist and his character should know better. Jeez! I'm feeling the urge to launch a graduated cylinder right now!

On the second episode, we find Dr. Rocker and his colleague Dr. Sweaty on their way to Mars. I don't recall the character's real names, but for reasons unknown, Dr. Rocker's sidekick is always covered with a thin sheet of perspiration in his close-ups. Things get even more sweatier when the time-traveling scientists find out that they're going to be left floating adrift in space. And for those of us in the lab equipment tossing Union, we know that sort of thing means certain death.

Actually, that particular episode is well written and shows the talent of the actors. The special effects are quite comical when Dr. Rocker and Dr. Sweaty take a space walk to repair the hull of the rocket ship. Seriously... Where did those cats get the training to walk around in space and patch up spacecraft?

It is crazy!

I'm loving it though!

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