Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snuzz ‘Big Potatoes’

With the extra time off during the holidays, I’ve managed to catch up a little on the many hours of taped television shows. The usual shows that I tape have either been reruns or replaced with holiday types of shows or presentations. I have about 20 hours of shows left to watch before I can finally say “Whew!”

I’m still watching Daybreak even though I know that it has been cancelled by ABC. Although it isn’t a great show, it is still very entertaining. I think I still have one episode left on the ol’ VHS tape. It’s really too bad that ABC didn’t give this show time to breathe.

And during Daybreak’s broadcast, ABC has been kind enough to tease viewers with a Lost moment. For the most part, those moments have been worthless.

I’ve managed to get two more episodes of The Time Tunnel on DVD from Netlfix under my belt and I’m starting to have a few problems with the show.

There’s an episode where they end up in the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu on December 6, 1941. That of course is the day before the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. How fortunate is that, really?

How did they manage to fall into that one?

There never end up in a barn somewhere in South Dakota or maybe a pool hall in New Jersey. Doctors Rocker and Sweaty always seem to end up exactly where the action is. I personally think that it would have been more interesting if they did end up in some dead end American town on December 6th. They could run around town mucking up the future by trying to convince all the locals that the Japanese will attack Pearl Harbor. But no one will believe them. And when the attack occurs, they are rounded up as double agents and face those problems.

Dr. Rocker is a kid living near Pearl Harbor when the attack occurs and of course, he runs into his younger self. He also tries to save his father’s life… Blah, blah, blah. It’s all very funny how these men of science try to change history.

What’s even funnier...? These two time-traveling super geeks, who are as far as the viewer knows not militarily trained, manage to take down 3 Japanese spies. I found it laughable when those cats beat up 3 guys trained in various martial arts. The Time Tunnel is very “rah-rah” American because it was made during the cold war in the 1960’s. And to top it all off, no one mentioned in that episode had anything to do with the attack in Pearl Harbor. It’s like they never even existed. It’s almost as if the characters were made up. Crazy.

The Time Tunnel is a great and hokey show! And if you dig that sort of thing, by all means, check it out.

I also watched another episode where Doctors Rocker and Sweaty are thrown into the War of 1812. And who do you think was leading the British forces? Archie Bunker.

It was kind of weird seeing Carroll O’Connor dressed in a period style of British Army clothing and talking with an accent. But the producers didn’t stop with the cheesy goodness there…. Oh no! They gave Archie another role as one of the General’s great, great grandsons.

It was totally stupid and cheesier than ballpark nachos. The Time Tunnel is one of those shows that are so bad that it’s good! So Christine… Stay the hell away from it!

Christmas night, Dianna and I hit the Blind Tiger for what seems to be the annual Bus Stop reunion show. We didn’t get there early enough to secure a booth for our base of operations or even two stools at the bar. We ended up parking our asses on the pool table in the back of the room.

Something was different about this particular reunion show. There weren’t too many recognizable faces in the crowd that night. In the past couple of years, these shows have been a “Who’s Who” of Greensboro’s night life and Triad celebrities.

I did see a few standouts in the crowd representing the night life crowd and a few celebs as well. Shane from Blue Bambooza, Danny from Stickboy, Walrus, Dave McCracken, and Marcus from the Mantras were in attendance. I’m not sure, but I think Marcus’ wife caught me admiring her buttocks when she was at the bar. In my defense, I didn’t know it was her until she turned around and caught me.

The group of people that were packed into the Blind Tiger that night wasn’t as hip as the crowds previously. And I could sense that Bus Stop didn’t unleash their “A-Game” because of the lukewarm response. During one song, it is pretty much standard that the whole room jumps up and down as if everyone is on a pogo stick, but only 7 folks responded.

The unwilling crowd gathered before Bus Stop kept them from getting even close to the top of their game. To me, it was a bit of a let down because of the lack of energy. It could have been that a lot of folks had to work the next day. And if that was the case, hopefully they’ll move the reunion show to Thanksgiving next year because Christmas will be on a Tuesday. On Thanksgiving, folks may let it all hang out since they won’t have to go into work on Friday.

Just think about this…. Check out the Bus Stop reunion show at the Blind Tiger on Thanksgiving night. Drink up and get drunk. Then hit the retail stores with a mighty buzz!

I’m thinking that’s the way to go next year!

And the CD that I'm listening to is the latest from Snuzz. I purchased a copy from him that night. Please check out his website and discover the great music Snuzz makes...

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