Sunday, August 27, 2006

Robin Trower ‘Long Misty Days’

I’m very excited today! I received my KISS lighter in the mail from an eBay auction that I won. I promptly hit Walgreens for some lighter fluid and immediately started asking anyone if they needed a light. It’s my first non-disposable lighter! And I don’t even smoke.

Does it seem odd that I carry a lighter even though I’m not a smoker?

First of all, ever since I saw MacGyver get out of a bad situation with a lighter; I’ve always felt that I should have one in my pocket. But being the lazy individual that I am, I just never purchased one.

Secondly, you never know when a lady will need a light. A light can lead to a conversation and quite possibly some full body contact.

Will Bastard kept telling me during the run of the ‘Weather Dave Will Bastard Show’ that he’d gladly part with one of his many lighters. I’m guessing that he forgot about it and I never brought it up again.

I wanted to get a lighter that either had a story attached to it or represented a facet of my complex and yet simple personality. I really wanted to get a Cheap Trick lighter, but I could never find one. So I went with my all-time favorite band, KISS. And I’m quite pleased with my eBay purchase.

I thought about getting a Jim Beam lighter in support of my favorite NASCAR driver, Robby Gordon. But if he ever changed sponsors and somehow Jim Beam ended up on either an Earnhardt or a Busch brother’s car, I would hate it.

I toyed around with the idea of getting a Jimmy Spencer lighter from when he drove the Camel car before the uptight assholes of the world decided cigarettes shouldn’t be advertising. Those lighters are a little more expensive because they’re emblazoned with Camel or Winston brands and considered collector’s items. So that was a no go.

KISS won the battle of the lighters and here’s a picture of it lying on my KISS mouse pad.

I saw a great film yesterday called Inside Man starring Denzel Washington. From the first trailers I saw, I had a feeling that it would be good. And damn if it wasn’t! Inside Man is a great film directed by Spike Lee.

You see… As soon as I heard it was a Spike Lee film that kind of soured me. I think his movies for the most part are exceptional films, but what I can’t take is his ego. He has to be in most of his movies and I’m not talking about a cameo appearance like Alfred Hitchcock where you just get a flash of Mr. Lee. I mean he has to be somehow in the center of the damn thing.

He really pissed me off with Malcolm X during the dance scene early in the film. When the song came to a cold stop, you get a screen full of Spike Lee with wide spread hands as if he’s saying “Ta-Da!”.

Never once did I see Spike Lee in Inside Man and for that I’m very thankful. The movie twists and turns like a Singapore cage dancer. I never even felt the 2 hours and 10 minutes that it ran because it was that damn good. I highly recommend it and I’m giving it the max grade on the Netflix scale… 5 stars!

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