Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dwight Yoakam ‘Dwight Live’

First of all, let me apologize… I haven’t been all that faithful in keeping up with this here blog of mine. The last two weeks have been filled with blood, sweat, beer, tears, and long hours. And as I tried to write up an update on Monday, my computer kept crashing. I figured it was the computer gods telling me to take some time off from writing, an excuse I’m willing to throw out there.

I appreciate all of you sending your emails inquiring why I haven’t been writing. It’s good to know that I’ve got so many faithful readers.

I had all the good intentions about writing an update yesterday, but my new niece/goddaughter arrived at the Women’s Hospital here in Greensboro. So that little bundle of joy put a cute little wrinkle into my plans. And yes, Gracie is her name. I still haven’t managed to acquire that “Godfather” pinky ring, but I am looking forward to making my first “whack”. I think it’s just the “Godfather” television/movie education under my belt, but I’m prepared to perform my duties under “mob rules”.

Here's Miss Gracie Ray...

Last Friday night was rocking at the N Club in downtown Greensboro… Mother’s Finest made a stop and blew everyone away in Finest fashion. I’m thinking that it was the sixth or seventh time seeing them, I lost count. But every show is a keeper with Mother’s Finest.

As I was leaving the club, four or five drunken baby dolls were camped out on the front of the Rock 92 van. Of course, I didn’t mind… I took the time to talk to them until they decided to move on. One girl came up to me and asked, “What’s your name?”

I told her my name and then she said, “I’m Becky. I’m drunk. What do you do for Rock 92?”

I ran through the short list of things… DJ, promotions, blah, blah, blah… and she said, “I’m Becky and I’m drunk.”

She pulled out her smokes and fumbled her lighter that ended up in the path of S. Elm Streets traffic flow. She immediately stumbled forward to retrieve it with no regard of traffic. I quickly grabbed her, pulled her back, and said, “Becky… I’ll get it. You stay right here against the van, okay?”

“Yeah,” she said, “I’m drunk.”

And that’s the point where she opened up to me. Becky asked, “You know why I’m drunk, Eugene?”

“Well, everyone has their reasons,” I replied and Becky had a damn good one. She told me that she was diagnosed with cancer that day. She told me that she was afraid of dying to which my heart of gold came back with… “With as much as you’ve had to drink, Becky… In a couple of hours you’re gonna wish you were dead.”

Surprisingly, she smiled at me with a small chuckle and that’s when her cab arrived.

Then on Saturday, wouldn’t you know it, two of Becky’s friends were in attendance at the Rock 92 2nd Annual Summertime Brewsfestival. They told me that Becky really didn’t feel like attending the event because she was nursing one heck of a hangover.

The event went on smoothly and even though most of the promotions people (Weather Dave, Ronie Alexander, and myself) worked our asses off, we managed to have fun. I was in charge of the entertainment stage and everything went as planned. The bands didn’t run over and they were good. Everything ran like it was on Swiss time. My thanks go out to Blackwater, Johnny & The Cadillacs, and Red Radio. And the sound guys with Asbill Sound were awesome too!

I also managed to see a very drunk guy take a header right into asphalt. Ahhhh… It was beautiful to behold. I could see it coming from miles away… The event was shutting down and a group of four guys were leaving. They were playfully shoving each other around and that’s when I noticed one of them wearing flip-flops.

In case you’re new to drinking or new to wearing flip-flops, I’m going to give you some advice. Alcohol and flip-flops do not mix. They never have and they never will. Sure, you can drink in moderation and still maintain your balance while wearing the less-than-manly type of footwear, but once you’ve “had too many”, you’re going down. And you’re going down hard.

I watched with great anticipation as the flip-flop guy tried to keep his balance after the good-natured shove. He decided to flow with the shove and his steps got quicker and quicker until he fell onto the asphalt. He went down with a mighty drunken splat. One of the Show Pros security guys looked at me, we both shared some restrained laughter, and then we checked on his condition.

Here’s the rub and the lesson of flip-flops and alcohol… He ended up running a few steps in order to maintain his balance. Although I’ve never worn those unmanly types of footwear, I’ve seen enough to know that even sober, running is not a good idea. The toe of one of the flip-flops folded up underneath his foot and ultimately let the asphalt get a closer look at his face.

I’ll give the cat this… I don’t know if he’s used to falling a lot or if he’s a stuntman, but he managed to fold his arm up against his chest instead of stretching out for a broken wrist or arm. That also afforded him some room so his chin only grazed the asphalt with only a little scrape. He wasn’t hurt as much as he was embarrassed. So I walked off shaking my head and chuckling to myself.

As we were packing it all in for the day, Marcia Gan came up to me and said, “There’s a really drunk girl in the bathroom.”

“Really?” I asked. “Is she my type?”

She finally ended up outside with her head stuck in a large cardboard garbage box. A cab was called for her and her friend. Dick Broadcasting’s General Manager Bruce Wheeler suggested to the friend that she take the girl to the hospital to get checked out. When the cab arrived, Mike Klein (1075KZL’s midday guy) and I walked her to the cab. And even with two burly beefy guys like ourselves, it was all we could do to keep that 100-pound girl on her feet. I put my hand on top of her head so she wouldn’t hit the top of the door and Klein said, “Dude, it’s like we’re on Cops!”

Here’s a picture of something that I’m very happy about….

Red Oak is my favorite beer and Ronie gave this to me after she decided that she’d never have a use for it. So one day when I have a full service bar in my home, I’ll be proudly using that baby! Right now, I’m using it as a paperweight.

My Netflix habit did suffer last week, but I’m back on the mend. I’ve managed to start watching a show that I didn’t really want to like… I’ve been sucked into watching House. I didn’t really think that I’d like it, but it’s not too bad. Although I’ve been enjoying season one of House, I’ve interrupted the flow with season two of Veronica Mars. I just enjoy that show more and I’m trying to get caught up before season three kicks on in October on the new network CW.

My nephew Preston and I finally finished off disc one, season one of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete. I was very surprised to see the shop teacher Mr. Slurm played by the Presidential Aid, Mike something or another from 24.

And yesterday, I watched an enjoyable horror film that recently came out on DVD… Final Destination 3. Even though it’s not a great film, it’s damn fun and I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars on the Netflix grading scale. In the special features, you can watch the movie and decide the fate of the teenagers lined up for the chopping block. After watching it the first time, I watched it again and changed the course of their fates. Again, it’s not a great film, but that “Choose their Fate” special feature makes it a lot of fun. I’m even thinking about purchasing it to watch the many things that you can change during the film. And I’m guessing there are a lot of possible different outcomes.

Well, that about gets us caught up. Thanks to all of you asking about the updates and here’s the call out for my Netflix buddy list…. My Netflix email is

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