Monday, August 28, 2006

Priestess ‘Hello Master’

The title of each blog entry is the music that I’m listening to for the day. I’ve never done a review for a recording even though I may chat a little bit about it. I’ve thought about doing some reviews for whoever wants to send me a CD, but I just haven’t thrown it out there.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by email by someone who thought I would enjoy the latest CD by Priestess. I received it promptly, but with everything going on with the Brewsfest, Cheyenne Kimball, and other assorted remotes… I just didn’t get the time to give it my full attention.

Once the Priestess CD hit the player in the truck, it hasn’t left. I’ve been listening to that ‘Hello Master’ CD since Saturday. Since I had a little traveling to do on that day, I had time to listen to it extensively and in it’s entirety. From the first notes being power-driven through Roxy’s (my truck) speakers, I knew that I was in for a good CD.

Priestess delivers melodic hard rock with a taste from the 70’s. Priestess create guitar-driven hard rock that is reminiscent of bands like UFO, Thin Lizzy, and Judas Priest… Throw in a good dose of Monster Magnet and a dash of 90’s grunge like Soundgarden and you have a recipe that will kick your ass and have you begging out loud, “May I have another, sir?”

I normally don’t listen to anything more than one day, but ‘Hello Master’ from Priestess is something that I’m not taking out of my CD player anytime soon.

My thanks go out to Marni!

Over the weekend, I managed to watch my fair share of Veronica Mars. I’m digging on season two of this simply EXCELLENT show. If you’re not checking out this show, do so NOW! Season three starts up in the first week of October on the new CW Network.

I also managed to watch Poseidon too.

When I looked at the running time printed on the Netflix sleeve, I was surprised to find it just over an hour and a half. The original, The Poseidon Adventure, had to run over 2 hours and it had a crappy song. Yes, the new Poseidon has it’s fair share of crappy songs, but the director doesn’t let Fergie (Blackeyed Peas) drone on and on.

Poseidon doesn’t allow anytime for you to get to know the characters before they start on their trek into a watery hell. You aren’t allowed to find anything to care about with the characters within the 10-minutes that the ship is upright. And even when they struggle to stay alive in their movement upwards to the bottom of the ship, you still don’t find any reasons to care about them.

The action is quick-paced and it never sits still for too long. If you like action pictures that offer little foreplay, you’ll dig it. Me?… I like movie foreplay and I want a reason to care. I recommend it for action lovers. If you want some suspense and a story with memorable characters, then watch the original. Sure, the original is campy, but it’s damn fun!

I can only give Poseidon three out of five stars on Netflix.

And don’t forget… The Tick Vs. Season 1 comes out on DVD on Tuesday!

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