Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Prince ‘The Black Album’

Saturday night, I had one of the weirdest dreams that I have ever had. Normally, most folks don’t care about hearing the strange dreams others have. But my dream was so strange I thought it is something that I should share.

Let me say this first… I wasn’t drunk and I didn’t partake of any illicit drugs. I was dead tired from working and went to sleep just after 11 O’ clock. I awoke at 3:34 a.m. giggling. Yes, giggling like a crazed little girl.

I wasn’t in the dream; it was more like I was watching a movie play out before my eyes.

There was a sailing ship like the ones that used to sail the high seas before machinery took over. Except this particular ship was made entirely of denim… The U.S.S. Levi (Kim Thore’s moniker not mine) if you will. The crew was made up of creatures that looked like Muppets and they could talk. The captain kept urging the crew to make the repairs in order to start sailing again.

While the repairs were going on, sharks started showing up and circling the ship in the water that looked like computer generated type of graphics. I could see the dorsal fins cutting the through-digitized water giving off the warning that Muppet-eaters were waiting for food. One shark popped its head up out of the water and it had the head of a common house cat. They had normal shark bodies, but again with the heads of cats. It was very weird. And the Captain and crew were calling them “cat sharks”. The cat sharks could talk and the first one spoke up and said, “Meow! Why don’t you get in the water?”

A second cat shark popped up and joined in with “Meow! The water’s fine boys!”

The Captain urged the men to keep up with repairs and to ignore the cat sharks because their voices can have hypnotic effects. The cat sharks kept swimming around and telling the working sailors how good the water felt to no avail.

Once the repairs to the ship were made, they set sail. Besides the large sails, the crew also put out two large denim parachutes that caught the wind and they became airborne. Although it’s not possible, the crews also hoisted up another large but smaller parachute out the back of the ship. They used that one as a rudder in order to steer the ship in the sky. You can see where that defies the laws of nature.

They spent only a small amount of time sailing on the wind and they crash landed back onto the water. Since it played in my head like a movie, my vantage point was on the surface of the water. And the ship landed right on top of me ending the scene and cut to another where the crew warned the Captain about the ship taking on water. The splash down ruptured the hull and repairs had to be made once again. The lookout spotted a sand barge ahead and the Captain decided that since it was low tide, they could run aground and make the necessary repairs. When the tide rolled back in, the ship would be carried out to deeper waters.

Once on the barge, the crew jumped ship and started to make the repairs. They wouldn’t have to worry about the cat sharks.

But it didn’t happen that way because “kitten sharks” that made their way into the shallow water and started attacking them. They were different from the cat sharks. They had somehow evolved a bit. They had the shark bodies, but these guys could breathe air. They had kitten heads, shoulders, and the front legs completely developed. And near the tail, they had little back legs that helped the front legs crawl out of the water in order to nip at the ankles of the sailors. They couldn’t talk like the cat sharks; all they did was “meow”, bite, and scratch.

The sailors were sidestepping them and throwing sand at them to shoo them away. Some of the sailors were picking them up and tossing them to deeper waters. I don’t remember any of them being killed.

And that’s when I woke up giggling.

I laid there a few minutes going back over the dream in my mind. I couldn’t find any deeper meaning and I decided to turn on the light and write it down. I knew that I wouldn’t forget it, but I couldn’t take that chance.

So if any of you have any interpretations, please feel free to share with me. I can’t think of a damn thing the dream may be trying to tell me.


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    What's the deal with this giggling shit?

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    There is nothing manly about giggling. I'm gonna need you to cut that out. It's embarassing.

  3. Okay, okay guys... Lay off me.