Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aerosmith ‘Get A Grip’

Yesterday, we had a Rock 92 remote at First Horizon Park with Clearwire. Deidre was out there meeting the peeps and our boss Jamey Kerr noticed something atop the Jefferson Pilot building… The temperature flashed 100 degrees high above the Greensboro skyline.

The official reading at the airport was 96 and with the heat index, I was a big sweaty mess by the end of the remote. I started drinking plenty of water before the remote, but I did find myself getting a bit light headed and if that were not enough, my asthma started kicking up a fuss.

Sure, I heard WFMYNews 2 Meteorologist Ed Matthews warn about the air conditions being “code orange”. I just ignored it because I had never had a problem with any color coded day before. But as the remote was coming to a close, I was feeling the effects with shortness of breath.

I had left my emergency inhaler at home so I had to tough out the rest of my workday until my asthma started to settle down. It wasn’t anything to be concerned about because I have had worse attacks before.

It was kind of funny making my voice breaks sounding like “Stevie”, the asthmatic kid in the wheelchair on Malcolm In The Middle…. I was like “I’m Eugene Sims… (hard inhale) the self-proclaimed bad boy of Rock 92…. (hard inhale)…. Blah, blah, blah…”

Today, I received my final disc of season 1 of Veronica Mars. And sure enough, the hook is firmly caught in my lip and I’m being reeled in onto the shores of this fine, fine show. Disc 5 finally got me to the point where I needed to see the last disc. Veronica Mars is a smart, funny show filled with pop culture references. I’m all about that, babe.

I can finally give it my seal of approval. So do yourself a favor and check it out. Season 3 is hitting the airwaves this fall, but feel free to catch the reruns on UPN 48. Or you can do what I did and check the show out in its entirety by watching seasons 1 & 2 on DVD before the new season.

I also received disc 1 of season 1 of Star Trek: Voyager too. I’ve never seen that series in its entirety. I would catch them when UPN 48 ran them weeknights at 10, but I didn’t get the whole jist of it. Since series are released by the season on DVD, I can start from the beginning.

Have I said how much I love this technology?

As I spoke with Deidre yesterday, I asked her if she started Firefly that I let her borrow. She’s going to start it this weekend and I imagine that she’ll sit all the way through them. That’s her style, Lord love her.

I got Marcia hooked on it, but I don’t know if she’s watched the movie that was released last winter.

Hmmmm… Looks as if I’ll have to do some follow up.

Tonight, I’m hitting the heat again with my inhaler nearby. It’s Thirty Thursday at First Horizon Park and I’m all about cheap beer. Brad “Hinzy” Hines from 790 The Ball will be joining me and I’m taking my camera. I’ll be posting those pictures on Saturday so check back over the weekend.

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  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Put an inhaler in your car. Leave it there. This is sound advice from a stubborn woman whose stubbornness and asthma landed her in the hospital for four days during pregnancy.

    I WANT TO GO AND DRINK CHEAP BEER. Alas, Thursday Thursdays are difficult when one's hubby has to work on Friday and one's son has to be at day camp early to go to the zoo and fry tomorrow. So I will stay home and drink already-paid-for-beer.

    Warthogs tomorrow night! Expensive beer! Rock 92 is sponsoring the fireworks - are you going to be there?