Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cheap Trick ‘At Budakon: The Complete Concert’

I am sorry to say that I have no pictures from the Grasshoppers Thirsty Thursday night at the ballpark. I took the camera, but with the crowd I felt it unwise thing to be carrying around a digital camera that I wouldn’t be able to replace if broken. I left that joker in the van.

Besides, there weren’t too many photo ops to be had.

I got there early and set the van up to play Rock 92’s broadcast then I found a somewhat comfortable stool over at the Grandstand in left field. I partook of a couple of cheaply priced Buckshot beers from Natty Greene’s on tap at the bar. The skies were threatening with dark clouds and there was lightning to the south and east of us. And when the rain starting hitting the hot concrete, I decided that it would be a good idea to close up the van and unplug it’s electrical supply.

Mother Nature deceived us. She opened up her arms and allowed professional baseball to be played on her sweet earth. The masses heard the beer sirens calling and finally arrived once the threat of bad weather subsided.

I think there were more people on the concourse drinking beer and socializing than there were in the stands watching the game. Thirsty Thursdays seem to run that way with everyone having a good time.

Brad “Hinzy” Hines joined me and his peeps from the Burlington Indians were there hoisting a few adult beverages and having a good time.

I did manage to find out that the Hoppers had won, but I don’t really think anyone cared. I get the feeling that baseball has fallen out of favor with the American public. Ratings and attendance is down and more or less, folks just attend minor league games for socializing.

During the eighth inning, Hinzy and I decided to hit the Left Field Tavern for a couple of drinks after the game. We joined the rest of his “tribe” and put down a couple of PBR’s.

Why does Pabst Blue Ribbon have such a bad reputation?

I’ll admit that I am not fond of it in cans, but the bottled PBR is as tasty as any other beer. And besides, they must have placed first in some kind of beer competition in order to call themselves Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Over a decade ago, I found it difficult to find PBR in bottles. I nearly flipped when I found it in bottles at a Food Lion in the Sunset Beach area. I purchased two six-packs and brought them home to share with friends. My ex-fiancée thought it was a stupid idea, but then again, nothing ever seemed to get her seal of approval with her constant wave of negativity.

Soon afterwards when PBR started gaining popularity again, I drank it because of the “redneck” mystic surrounding it. I felt that having a PBR in hand told others around me that I was carefree and didn’t give a damn about what they thought about me. I was drinking beer that most turn their noses up at and the good thing… It was generally cheaper than most of the other beers being offered.

Seriously, the reason most folks drink beer is for the buzz. I drink beer for that reason and the other is because I enjoy the taste. The only thing I won’t drink is Budweiser, unless it’s handed to me as a gesture of friendship and good will. I’ll drink anything that’s free.

I don’t drink Bud because I don’t really enjoy the flavor it. And I don’t drink it because it’s on the hood of one of my least favorite NASCAR drivers, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I just can’t support a beverage that supports a driver that I don’t care for.

When Dale Sr. was driving, I didn’t support any of his sponsors. I have never purchased a GM vehicle or had any service done by GM Goodwrench. I wouldn’t eat at Burger King as long as they were an associate sponsor, but I gave up on Burger King long ago when they changed their french fries. It hurt me deeply when Burger King left and Sonic Drive-Ins came on board. I could no longer enjoy their chili-cheese fries as long as they sponsored the number 3 car.

I’m not ashamed to admit this, but shortly after Dale Earnhardt’s death at Daytona, I went to Sonic and made amends with their wonderful menu. I loaded up with a double cheeseburger, chili-cheese fries, and a Barq’s Root Beer. All Sonic-sized, baby! Ding-dong the warlock was dead and I was free to walk in the Sonic wonderland once again.

I never purchased any Crown Royal, Rubbermaid products, or Sharpie’s when Kurt Busch had them as sponsors. And I’ve carried that over to Miller Lite as well. I just can’t support someone I don’t like. I did make a mistake of purchasing Kellogg’s products, but have since seen the light when Kyle “The Shrub” Busch started irritating me.

Am I being irrational?

I don’t think so. You have to have some sort of self-imposed honor system.


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I was going to chime in with a short and sweet "Hate the Eight!" and then you started bashing the Busch Brothers again and I was saddened. I won't give up my Frosted Flakes and/or Sharpies for anyone. Of course I like to save a buck or two, so I tend to by the "Frosty Flakes" and "Sure Write" markers, but close enough, I say!

  2. What is your sick fascination with Kurt and The Shrub???

    They look like the guys that were picked the very last when choosing up teams in High School Gym Class. Even the cat with his index finger firmly up his nose would be chosen before The Shrub.

    They're both jerks and Kurt has no honor considering his dealings when getting out of his Rousch contract.

    But sister... We can agree with the "hate the eight"!

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Don't get me wrong, I don't own any Busch paraphanalia or anything, but I am about as mistified by your loathing as you are by my defense of them.

    The fact that they look like such punks and yet still manage to go out there and play the heel just makes them even greater! Every race when Kyle goes out there and does something jerky, it just makes me smile because.. well, look at him! Who would have ever thought that anyone would have to take crap from that guy?! He's like the homely black sheep of the Hendrick stable. It's three punkish pretty boys and Kyle Busch. I noticed while watching qualifying that they all went on a vacation to the south of France, not Kyle though.

    Kurt has faded a bit in his heel ways, he hasn't done anything worth marking out for lately. Plus, he just got married, and if there is anything to steal your competitive spirit it's getting hitched. Either way, he's a definite upgrade over the teammate my boy had to deal with last year.

    Do you have the same honor issue with Elliot Sadler and his jumping from Yates to Enernham? The 38 was the only car that ever actually worked on me advertising-wise. If I watch a race long enough I WILL want some M&Ms, that's a fact. (I'm eating some right now!) But now not only do I have to deal with the prospect of a jobber in a car I actually like, but I can't get behind Sadler in the 19 because driving a Dodge (Dealers) Dodge is just stupid.

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hold it, hold it, hold can you constantly sit there and type away about your hatred for Kyle Busch when you like Robby Gordon? Didn't I see hit get out on the track last year and throw his helmet at another driver, for no appearant reason? And then had the nerve to shout obscenities on TV? when's the last time he won a race? Hasn't Shrub won 3 in his first 2 years? Wasn't shrub ROTY? Hasn't Shrub been able to win in mediocre equipment ( unlike the 25 )?

    You sir...are a hater.

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I almost forgot....Hate the 8!!!!

  6. No Kim, I have no honor issues about Sadler leaving Yates Racing. He has made no lies covering up the fact that he's unhappy there and looking to get out of his contract.

    Kurt Busch kept his affairs in private and behind backs, then out came the blade and into Jack Rousch's back. It shows underhandedness and a lack of character. Which is something that you should easily identify when hanging with two known backstabbers?

  7. So what if Robby Gordon got out there and threw his helmet for no apparent reason? Drivers do that all the time. Did I think Robby Gordon was wrong?


    Did I think it was stupid?


    As for shouting obscenities on TV, don't know. Didn't see it. Probably happened during the run of the 'Weather Dave & Will Bastard Show'. But hey, it happens.

    As for winning, you should know that I don't care about following winners. I like characters and drivers with heart. Robby Gordon has both of those things. Sure, he can't spell my name, but I don't care. I thank you for getting me the autograph.