Monday, July 31, 2006

‘Living In Oblivion’ The 80’s Greatest Hits-Volume Five

Over the weekend, the Buckmasters Expo was happening at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center and Rock 92 had a booth there. We were selling camouflage hats and bev-necks (cozies with a strap to hang your drink around your neck) benefiting Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t want to kill the animals… I only want to eat them. I’ll leave it up to someone else to find enjoyment in getting up before dawn and freezing their asses off in the fall air. That just doesn’t appeal to me. Sitting in a tree stand for hours on end really doesn’t sound like a good time to me. I’ll wait for the deer to make an appearance in the kitchen until I strike.

Plus, guns are just way too loud for me. Sure… I’ll sit through a two hour KISS show with music at very high decibels and explosions going off, but one gunshot is too much for me. As I understand it, you can’t wear earplugs while hunting because you won’t be able to hear the animal making it’s way through the leaves and stuff.

I had no idea that the Buckmasters Expo would attract that many people. There had to be thousands attending the event over the weekend. And to top it off, there were many attractive women in attendance. Of course, they were generally attached to the hip of their deer-hunting husband or boyfriend. So I didn’t do anything but glance. No leering because I’m sure that someone who kills animals, guts them, and eats them wouldn’t think twice about spilling my entrails onto the floor.

I cannot tell you how surprised I was to see as many people there for Buckmasters. And it was kind of fun hanging out with the folks I work with and meeting all of the Rock 92 listeners.

As intern Tyler and I broke everything down when Buckmasters came to its conclusion on Sunday, the American Idol fans started wandering around the building. We packed up and Tyler took the Rock 92 van back to the station. I went to help out our sister station 1075 KZL with the live broadcast going on in the ticket lobby of the Coliseum.

Again, the place was filled with good-looking women. For the most part, they were alone with their daughters and sons. But a quick check of the ring finger would tell the tale.

Is everyone in this world paired up except KZL’s Mike Klein and me?

It was fun! We had a huge banner welcoming American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry where folks could write a message and sign their names on it. Even though I have never watched more than 20 combined minutes in all the years that the show has been on, I signed my name along with every other person there.

Mike Klein actually put me on the air as my alter ego “Eugene-Unit”. Tripper gave me that nickname. At first, I didn’t like it because I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. “G-Unit” has something to do with 50 Cent and once it was cleared up, I accepted it.

Mike asked me what had been going on there at the Coliseum that had so many folks in camouflage including me. I explained the Buckmasters and I lovingly referred to it as “Cluster Buck” on the air. Secretly, I had been calling it that all weekend.

When I wasn’t at work, I spent my free time doing nothing or watching some DVD’s from Netflix. I did watch She’s The Man and even though the premise is a tired rip-off, I enjoyed it. The soccer scenes didn’t make me break out in hives and even though it was clearly meant for teenage viewing, I still couldn’t help but like it. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. And the soundtrack is quite bitchin’!

But part of me still cannot recommend the film for some reason unless you’re in high school.

I also checked out a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 disc where they take on Manos: Hands Of Fate. When I first saw it, I really liked it. Now that I have revisited it, my love for it has dissipated. I can only give it 3 out of 5 stars.

The next big Rock 92 shindig is coming up on Saturday August 19th… It’s our 2nd Annual Summertime Brews Festival. Mark those calendars and make arrangements for a cab because it’s going to be a blast. I hope to see you there.


  1. wait...why would Big Brothers, Big Sisters promote beer coozies? Are they encouraging their kids to drink? Or are they drinking while they are mentoring?
    p.s. the 80s are an amazing decade of musical genius.

  2. Anonymous6:36 AM

    "We were selling camouflage hats and bev-necks (cozies with a strap to hang your drink around your neck) benefiting Big Brothers & Big Sisters."

    I dont see anything about "beer cozies" in that statement.

  3. Sarah,

    No, Big Brothers & Big Sisters weren't promoting the bev-necks (strapped coozies). The only logo on it was Rock 92's. The proceeds went to the charity.

    As for encouraging kids to drink... Television, music, and movies do that every day. Besides, one day they'll be of legal age. Right now, they can use the bev-necks for soft drinks if any kids purchased them.

    Drinking while mentoring? Baby, I do it all the time. ;)

    Personally, I think the 70's were all that and a bag of cocaine when it comes to musical genius. With the exception of "Last Game Of The Season (The Blind Man In The Bleachers)" and "Telephone Man".