Saturday, July 29, 2006

‘One Good Cheap Trick Deserves Another’ A mix CD by Eugene B. Sims

Okay campers… For those of you who do not understand, the title of each blog is the musical choice that I’m listening to for the day. Every day I choose a CD or cassette tape to listen to for that day. There are many, many CD’s and tapes in my collection. There are even more LP’s so if you want to help me move next time, the beer and pizza is on me.

I do it because many of my recordings are cherished and if lost in an accident or stolen, I won’t lose but the one that I’m listening to for the day. I’ve explained it before in a previous blog about Tracy Thornton and his MGB convertible that was cut into in order to lift out the stereo and a 120-tape case. I learned from his mistake and so far it’s serving the both of us very well.

The Cheap Trick compilation is one of two that our Rock 92 and KZL intern is getting during his last weekend with us. Ronie Alexander (my Trick sister) made him the first one and I decided to do the same. He’ll have Ronie’s perspective as well as mine.

She made a two disc set and I thought I would simply make a one-disc collection. It didn’t turn out that way because I couldn’t narrow down the field. Cheap Trick has almost 30 years of music that I have adored since discovering them. I put at least one song from each of their albums with the only exceptions being ‘The Doctor’ and ‘Lap Of Luxury’. I even put a few tunes from the bootleg version of ‘In Color’ that was recorded back in 2001. Thank you Clay Howard for that one.

Tyler, our intern, has a favorite band and they are the Steve Miller Band. I found it kind of odd that a kid in his early twenties digs them. And from what I understand, he has chastised Ronie about Cheap Trick, judging them only by the song “I Want You To Want Me”.

A mistake that Ronie and I are trying to correct. Just ask any rocker that’s considered one of the best in their field and I’ll bet you a checkered board Hamer guitar they’ll have nothing but good things to say about them. Cheap Trick are under appreciated rock gods that don’t mind being an ugly neglected mole on the beautiful tit that is rock n’ roll.

If you’re uneducated concerning Cheap Trick, feel free to check out these particular albums on your own…

‘Cheap Trick’ 1977

‘In Color’

‘Heaven Tonight’

‘At Budakon’

The other night, I wasted 2 hours watching a DVD from Netflix. Yep, I sat through Basic Instinct 2. I found it to be a mess and highly preposterous as well as absurd. If you’re thinking about seeing it or making it a purchase, don’t bother.

Sure, it’s great seeing Sharon Stone naked once again, but the film down right sucks. Basic Instinct wasn’t a great movie, but it was good trashy fun. The sequel spends way too much time trying to outsmart the viewer without even thinking about entertaining them. I’m giving it only 2 stars on the Netflix grading scale. That means that I “didn’t really like it”.

Veronica Mars hasn’t really been knocking me out since the first episode, but I hear that it will suck me into it’s vortex on disc 6. I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with the story arc concerning her friend Lilly’s death.

Every episode kind of glosses over it, but keeps you busy with a solved “mystery” in itself. I’m currently on disc 3 and the train is picking up steam keeping me interested in the next episode. I’m itching for the payoff. So far I’m teetering on giving it a 3 or 4 out of 5. It’s a smart show but hasn’t fully won me over yet.

Have you seen any new fall shows advertised on the Networks?

I’ve seen several and they just aren’t thrilling me. Especially ‘Jericho’ that’s going to be on Wednesdays on CBS. From what I can tell, a nuclear or atomic bomb goes off and mayhem ensues. That’s all they’re willing to tell us and for some reason that bugs me. I want more, dammit! The tease just isn’t making me hard for it.

I’m going to close now and watch another Netflix DVD. I’ve got She’s The Man warming up in the bullpen. It’s yet another rip-off of Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night and I’ll let you know soon how I see it.


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    'Veronica Mars' started out that way for me, too. I liked it, but didn't love it. Then, after just having finished disc 3 or 4 on a Friday evening, I realized that I *JUST COULDN'T WAIT* for Netflix to send me the next one. (For those out of the Netflix loop, the earliest I would receive a new disc was on Tuesday - they don't ship or receive on Saturday.)

    I drove around Greensboro that night, video-store hopping, trying to find the series so I could feed the instant gratification monster. No luck - none of the rental places had it (or had even heard of it). But it was then that I realized what a damn good show it was if it had me running around on a fool's errand, willing to plunk down my own cash on top of my monthly Netflix fees, just to speed up the payoff.

    So be patient, E - try to live with the itch and keep plugging along 'til the end. The payoff is well worth it.

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    as always- you are welcome for the Cheap Trick


  3. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I like Dwight Yoakam's cover of I Want You To Want Me.

    I'm sure you're shocked. :)

  4. Bebo,

    I'm not shocked. You obviously have great taste in music. I know how well your taste is when it comes to beer.