Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gene Simmons 'Gene Simmons'

I’ve been so busy over the past week that my Netflix habit has had to pay the cost. Yep, I have 4 discs at home sitting on the entertainment center mocking me.

I’m a junkie, plain and simple. Netflix flows through my veins. Seeing those envelopes in my mail causes me to act like a cocaine-addicted spider monkey. I would practically give up sex to get those babies watched and back in the mail in order to get more.

I absolutely hate to have those movies sitting and collecting dust, but I have no choice this week.

I worked a 14-hour day last Saturday and managed to drop in on my cousins Paula and Katie Davis. They were in town from West Virginia for my sister’s Wedding Reception. I got there late and I felt bad because they had called several times during the day. But the important thing is that I got to see them. I worked a 1075KZL pool party remote that morning and then I had to work the Cheyenne Kimball show later that night at Hanes Mall. It was a very long day.

I felt bad missing the reception, but as things usually go in my family, I had only heard about it a few days before the actual event. I’m guessing my family seems to think that I’m able to change whatever I’m doing even though I’ve told them about my plans weeks in advance.

Or maybe when I’m telling them about my plans, I’m nothing more than a worrisome gnat with my words being swatted away.

Although the Saturday was long, it was fun. And then on Sunday, I managed to catch up with a few friends and spend the day with them.

I took my friend Robin to one of her favorite restaurants. I figured that it would be a “win-win” situation for a while because she would score on some of her favorite food and I would be able to catch the early parts of the race from Watkins Glen. This place has large screen TV’s everywhere with smaller TV’s on the same wall.

I asked the waitress if we could get just one of the smaller sets tuned into the race on NBC. She happily obliged. Within minutes, some other server there took the very TV I was watching and turned it towards one of the guys painting the interior of the restaurant. He didn’t ask if I was watching and he didn’t bother to tune any of the other TV’s to what this painter wanted to watch.

When I asked the guy that changed the channel if he could put at least one of the many screens on the race, he did. He chose one of the big projection screens behind me. I would have to turn my head to watch the race in a room with only a few people in it.

Of course, I was getting a little angry. Robin could see my face getting a little flush. I told her that I was taping it at home and it shouldn’t really matter, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. She told me to just let it go. I explained that I’m a paying customer in their establishment and I should be able to have at least one television tuned in to what I wanted to see and where I could see it. We were two of about six people in the place, so I didn’t really see any conflict with other sports fans. It seemed that if I were working there and being paid by this restaurant instead of paying them to eat, I could have every TV tuned to the Nextel Cup race.

The waitress came back and I explained that someone tuned the set to something that was being “blacked out” and if I could get the race coverage back on the TV that I requested. She immediately took care of it and my face got its color back.

Once we left the restaurant, we headed over to Sean’s house to pay him a visit. He insisted that we not watch the race. Instead, we watched Ed Wood because Robin had never seen it. And I wasn’t surprised when she told us that she liked the movie.

In my opinion, Ed Wood is Johnny Depp’s best film. If you haven’t seen it, rent or buy as soon as you can. It’s a 5 out of 5 star movie with me, babies.

Then I went home, fired up the VCR, and watched my man Robby Gordon shove Kurt Busch out of his way on the first lap (a great moment indeed) and finish fourth. I was quite pleased with that, but I didn’t get to watch a DVD from Netflix.

Now on Monday, I did manage to get a couple of episodes of Star Trek: Voyager out of the way, but I didn’t finish the disc. The logjam is forming and it’s driving me crazy… CRAZY! I have Brick waiting on me as well as disc one of season one of House.

I did manage to watch a real piece of heart-tugging crap called Eight Below. I rated it two out of five stars because I managed to watch it all while believing in the notion of a “payoff”. There was no such payoff. The movie sucked.

My friend Christine recommended that I see it and she has a very good track record when it comes to suggestions.

I resisted because it has the Walt Disney logo. I told her that I didn’t want to see some movie where live action dogs are talking and actors are breaking out into song for any given reason. She told me that the movie wasn’t like that at all and stressed her exceptional track record with me. I put it on my queue and it seems that I wasted a pick on that one.

The only reason I kept watching it was because I thought Christine would be right… Eventually.

She wasn’t, but I won’t hold it against her. The only other bum steer was Chicago. If it weren’t for Catherine Zeta-Jones running around in lingerie, I wouldn’t have bothered.

For the record, I heavily dislike musicals.

I’m still looking for Netflix buddies, so feel free to put me on your buddy-list…


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM


    Add that to your queue. Season 1 just came out, and it's only two discs. I've been catching up on "TV I really wanted to see" this summer, and the hubby actually watched/enjoyed the first disc with me. Blockbastard sent me 3 DVDs yesterday. The second Weeds disc was #1 in my queue, showing "Available Now" all day yesterday (because my OCD self kept checking).

    Did they send it to me? Oh, hell no. Did I write to them and whine and ask why? Oh, hell yeah. They sent me a free in-store rental coupon. I'm praying that there's a copy in the store this afternoon!

  2. Weeds season one is already on there, baby! It was a Christine suggestion and I've always wanted to see it. Deidre has high praise for it as well.

    Yeah, all that "available now" crap gets on my nerves. It's not just Blockbastard I assure you.

  3. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I'd be more upset if I was going to continue my membership... but new episodes of my regular TV shows, homework for the boy, PTA, and fall baseball for said boy will keep me from paying for DVDs I won't have time to watch.

    And, I just got back from BB -- they had the Weeds disc 2 there. Now I need to really experience the show and find me some... (ha ha ha)