Monday, August 14, 2006

Alice Cooper ‘Billion Dollar Babies’

Friday night, I had the pleasure of introducing Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot at the N Club in downtown Greensboro. Sure, I have been the emcee for the Tate Street Festival in Greensboro and I’ve always been honored to host that event. I’ve also emceed a few Battle of the Bands events at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem. And I’ve introduced a few local bands around here in the local clubs. But this was the first time that I’ve ever introduced “big time” bands that are nationally and internationally known.

When I first arrived at the N Club, I was told by a few listeners that I had been banned from the 2 Guys Named Chris Show. I used a term that I thought was a “southern” one and no one in the room… Demm, Kelly, Deidre, Goat, and Weather Dave… Had any idea what the hell I was talking about.

We were playing the birthday game, Closest to the Pin, and I was the celebrity player last Thursday. Deidre started swooning over the mere mention of Antonio Banderas and I said something like… “I guess he takes the rag off your bush?”

I could hear the tendons in everyone’s neck snap as all heads turned to me with disgust. They took it to mean something about menstrual cycles for some crazy reason. I tried to explain it as a southern phrase, because I have heard it for most of my life either on The Beverly Hillbillies or used by relatives.

“Taking the rag off the bush,” means to beat all, to surpass. And as it turns out, it’s not a southern phrase at all. It actually comes from the Old West. So who knows, I may have heard it on Deadwood?

I’m listening to the show right now as I type this, and sure enough, they brought it up again. So it seems that I’m truly banned from playing Closest to the Pin.

The Self-Proclaimed Bad Boy of Rock 92 is living up to my own proclamation, yeah!

Saturday, I had a great time working the Cheyenne Kimball show at Hanes Mall. I met some cool people and managed to meet a very interesting and attractive lady. Mitch, our latest addition to the promotions team, should have really hooked up with some hot young girl. They were all over the place. It was shooting fish in a barrel and he came up empty. Instead, I chalked one up for the old guys!


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Here's a link of the copy-and-paste variety that helps support your argument:

    And another:

    Neither explains the origin of the phrase but both examples support your argument that it's not a reference to a woman's--and some men's--menstrual cycle.

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    They can NOT ban you for that. They once spent an entire morning talking about how people wipe their asses. And that's just the first thing that comes to mind, I could probably list a dozen more things worse than what you said - if what you said really was a nasty little line.

    I call foul. BOO! Should we start an e-mail campaign? ;)

  3. Anonymous3:23 AM

    I was just listening to the radio and came here for the express purpose of posting a comment under whatever the latest posting was, just to ask what it was you said. But now that I've read this post, I don't really have a question anymore. Though I can see how they thought what they did though.. as soon as I read it I was like 'Gross!" followed by "Well, what does that have to do with Antonio Banderas?"

    I found one discussion of the origin here: It involves a bar, a bush, St Patrick and Jesus.
    Another page says its origins are in cotton. Who knows?

    I don't see how that is a bannable offense though. After some of the stories I have heard on there, your weird lil' Hillbilly phrase is small potatoes. (On an unrelated note, your boy Robby got me third in the pool this week. Of course, it is out of four.. but at least I'm not last.)

  4. Bebo... Do as you please. Although it's not that big of a deal. Bad Boys are used to being banned... (blows on fingernails and wipes them on shirt)... That's what I do, baby.

  5. Anonymous9:58 PM

    *swoon* (heh).

    You were still the talk of the morning show today. I think they're going to milk this one to the hilt.

  6. And I've been milking the ban to the hilt too!

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I was finally up long enough to hear a bit of the morning show. They mentioned you and your crazy phrase in passing during a discussion of your equally nutty Elvis 2001 theory. Even I had to shake my head at that one. I don't have any comments on the race, just that I can't take sitting through all of the commercials. I need to get a DVR. Also, Newman needs to hurry up and win one.

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    If they want to ban you, I say F&$@ ' don't need them....and didn't they once have a conversation - on air - with a man who was in "love" with his dog?