Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rob Zombie ‘American Made Music To Strip By’

Friday night, I took the Rock 92 van out to the Winston-Salem Warthogs game. My friend Tim Beeman met me out there and we had EXCELLENT seats for heckling.

Heckling is something that I LOVE to do at baseball games. But it’s only good if you can get close enough for the players to hear you. And my heckling is so bad that I once embarrassed a hardcore, never miss a game Atlanta Braves fan with my jabs at the Warthogs opponents. She never went to another game with me after I got under some homophobic player’s skin. I teased him with every man-love come on that I could think of and it paid off… He eye-balled me with a look of hatred on his way back to the dugout after he struck out.

It was beautiful!

But the game never happened because of the rain. Most of the people in attendance took refuge under the roof by the entrance to historic Ernie Shore Field. It was like a party. Bebo (who frequently comments) was hoisting a few. Tim and I were doing our part in keeping the Yuengling Brewery in business. Sam and Steve from East Coast Wings were in attendance with their sons.

It was kind of fun and when the game was called, Tim and I headed for Foothills Brewery in downtown Winston-Salem. There we ran into former 1075 KZL personality Terri Knight and her husband. We managed to have a brew in the crowded bar before heading over to Tim’s new business venture, a comic book store on Hanes Mall Blvd. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s close to Wal-Mart and there’s a Cook-Out right behind it.

Then we hit Buffalo Wild Wings to have a BIG Yuengling and play a little NTN Trivia. I managed to put my name on top of the leader board for the “Wipe Out” trivia game. I was very pleased although my score wasn’t good enough to score a major national ranking.

I had some “naked” tenders with their Blazin’ Hot sauce and realized that it’s a lot hotter than I imagined. And to top that off… It affected me in the morning when I woke up for my morning constitutional. That wasn’t very pleasant.

I had “naked” tenders because I haven’t eaten anything fried for almost two weeks. I was hungry when I got there and I was tempted to eat some wings. I opened up the menu looking for something grilled and found the nude chicken strips. MMmmmm boy!

When I finally got to Kristina’s, her cat Sidney greeted me at the door. I had a couple of shots of Jim Beam for Maverick and I spread out on the floor and hung out with the cat. I was petting her and found myself waking up a couple of hours later with her on the floor next to me.

Saturday was one of those days were nothing was going right. You know the kind that I’m talking about, right?

The computers weren’t working as I would have liked and everything just seemed to take longer to get done. It was a very annoying day.

When I got back to Sidney, I fired up a movie in the DVD player from Netflix. Christine nearly threatened me into watching Green Street Hooligans and I must say that for a soccer based flick, it won me over. It’s more or less Fight Club for soccer fans. The film is beautifully violent and it gives you an insight into how stupid British soccer fans can be.

They meet the other fans of different teams in the streets and with little provocation, they start swinging. And they do this stuff all the time. They’re like organized gangs, but instead of pushing drugs and other vices for profit, they merely fight because they like to fight. And generally, the police just turn the other way.

It’s crazy!

But, if I’m ever in England, I’m going to try to find these gangs in action and watch from a safe distance.


Because I like violence and believe it or not, if I had the money, I’d start up a reality show following these soccer morons around.

Thankfully, there wasn’t much soccer in the film. I had a hard time dealing with what little there was… For me, it was like watching a slaughterhouse film. Yeah, I know it happens, but I don’t want to see it. Yuck!

And this morning, I put Kiss Kiss Bang Bang into the DVD player.

This is a fan-frakking-tastic movie!

It has everything in it…. It’s a buddy flick, it’s a chick flick, it’s a comedy, it’s violent, and it’s smart. I don’t purchase too many DVD’s, but I’m thinking about getting this one ASAP. And it has knocked out Die Hard as my favorite Christmas movie.

Do yourself a favor and see how good it is for yourself… Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stars Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. And if you ever wanted to see those two swap spit, here’s your chance.

Thanks for dropping by and I apologize about the lack of updating.


  1. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Well, that is two totally unrelated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang recommendations in about a week. Why had I never even heard of this movie? As I said to my other friend who'd just seen it, you can't really go wrong with a Val Kilmer flick, and Robert Downey Jr has never done anything to make me hate him, so maybe I'll check it out.

  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I don't threaten or nearly threaten (although I may well nag). I tell you to shut up and rent the DVD because I know you'll love it. (And my track record proves I'm usually right.) You tend to be your own worst enemy when it comes to hang-ups, prejudices and preconceived notions about certain genres, actors, story lines, even studios - and would otherwise end up missing a lot of great films if I didn't push you out of your box.

  3. Christine... Yes, it's something I should work on. Remember our conversation about 8 Below? I was discussing it with another friend and she thought it was hilarious that because it is a Disney picture, the dogs talked.

    Disney has burned me SO many times, but I'm giving it a chance. So lay off me, woman!

  4. Anonymous8:15 PM

    It was really fun seeing you and Tim at the game. And just so you'll know -- you weren't the only one trying to keep Yuengling in business. Yum.

    I had no idea that Tim was a comic book store guy. My brother was a fixture at Acme Comics in Greensboro when he was a kid (and I was there by proxy because I had a care and could drive him there). Then, his friend and onetime roommate owned OH DAMN I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE STORE I HAVE ALZHEIMERS near UNGC, (Parts Unknown -- I Googled, how fucking sad is that???) and my brother worked there part-time for quite awhile. I could have had a vaguely intelligent conversation about comic shops.

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    ^car. I had a car and could drive it.

    Damn margaritas.