Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aerosmith ‘Big Ones’

I am finally caught up and ready for season 3 of Battlestar Galactica when it cranks up this fall. And I must say, the show is the frakking bomb! The season finale left me with more questions and a thirst for more.

Have I told you how good this show is?

And I’m almost up to the season finale of Lost. I hate that Libby and the Cortez woman was killed off, especially the Cortez chick. Damn! She’s hot and those low rider jeans… Good Lord!

When the hell is MGM putting out season 4 of Green Acres?

I am dying for it!

I think that it’s been at least a year since they released season 3 and I’m starting to “Google” the possible ways that I can intimidate and threaten a huge corporation. Maybe I should just settle on getting all of the Newsradio seasons on DVD…

Did you hear that Comedy Central is bringing back Futurama?

We should see new episodes in 2008.

At first, I didn’t much care for the show, but I finally came around. I’ve been getting the DVD’s from Netflix and every now and again, I’ll catch an episode on Cartoon Network where the series has been getting good numbers.

I tried watching a series from the BBC called Island At War. I’m guessing that it was a mini-series and it’s about WWII hitting the shores of a fictitious island called St. Gregory. The island isn’t far from German occupied France and eventually the Nazis take it over with no fight at all.

It was melodramatic and uninteresting. I found myself playing Spider Solitaire on the laptop while it played in the background. I gave up and sent them back. I didn’t even care to finish it.

And I’m still waiting on the final disc of Band Of Brothers. It seems that it’s on a “short wait” and the day they sent me Island At War, it was listed as being available “now”.

That just steams my clam!

I must move on now….

I’m very close to getting through my backlog of shows that I have on tape. And I’m actually thinking about going back to 3 at a time from Netflix. Sounds crazy, huh?

Maybe it’s just the healthy food that I’ve been eating that’s making me think this way. It’s been over two weeks of going without anything fried. And during the race last Sunday, I actually snacked on a full 15 oz can of asparagus.

And that brings me back to Sunday… After getting up from 10 full hours of sleep, I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I called Christine after watching it to give her my report and someone rang Kristina’s doorbell.

I hadn’t bothered to take a shower or make myself presentable in any way. I grabbed a pair of shorts and put on some shoes to answer the door.

Since I’ve been staying at Kristina’s, I haven’t seen too many of her neighbors. Honestly, that’s the way I prefer it because the less they know, the less they want. Hey, I’m a typical Scorpio and I generally keep to myself.

But wouldn’t you know it…. The one time that I’m looking my worst is when there’s a parade of Kristina’s neighbors. One by one, they all got a good look at someone who hasn’t bothered to get ready for the day at 2 in the afternoon. Mothers were rushing to cover the eyes of their little children. An elderly woman looked at me with supreme disgust and then threw up on a Chevy Malibu. And I believe that several birds fell from the sky. It was simply marvelous.

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  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Sounds like another Pleasant Valley Sunday.