Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Molly Hatchet ‘Flirtin’ With Disaster’

Today, I reached a bit of a milestone. It was my first meal out in a social situation.

Brad “Hinzy” Hines needed some assistance with things and since I had the day to waste, why not help out a friend?

And in exchange, Hinzy treated me to lunch at Old Town Draught House. Of course there was beer because that’s the way I roll, baby. But I managed to keep my fried food intake at zero.

Yes, I did.

Hinzy suggested the Pita Pizza topped with artichoke hearts, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses to start us off as an appetizer. I had tried the artichoke and cheese dip at Natty Greene’s and loved that so why not give it a try at Old Town?

I know… For those of you who know me, it sounds as if I’ve gone crazy. I’ve mentioned it before in a previous blog and I’m saying it again… I’m bun people. Generally, if it comes on a bun, I’ll eat it. I’m all about burgers, chicken, and sandwiches between the buns.

But give me some credit, I’ve been eating better and expanding my taste buds.

For the “main course” at Old Town, I had the Kickin’ Chicken sandwich that’s char-grilled with their chipotle hot sauce. I couldn’t get French fries so I got the celery sticks and gave them to Hinzy.

Yeah… It’s been tough not eating French fries and I managed to do it in a social restaurant scene. Hinzy said, “You not eating fried foods is like a smoker trying to quit smoking.”

So today, I’m patting myself lightly on the back. The true test comes when I have the time and hunger as I’m passing a Long John Silver’s.

Today’s musical choice was chosen by Hinzy because Duane Roland, the lead guitarist from Molly Hatchet died last week. I had no idea and welcomed the CD booming through Roxy’s stereo system. I told him, and he was a bit shocked, that I hadn’t listened to that album since about 1982 when I lent it out for someone to tape. I haven’t listened to Flirtin’ With Disaster in it’s entirety since losing it. All of the songs came back to me along with the melodies and some of the lyrics. So I’m thinking that I need to visit the Molly Hatchet catalog.

I finally watched the final two hour season finale of Lost and I love that show. Sometimes, the show can be aggravating because when it gives you some answers, it turns around and gives you more questions. I love it!

Now I’m trying to get to the season finale of 24. That’s another show that I absolutely love. And I hereby proclaim… I will try my darnedest during the upcoming television season to keep up with everyone else instead of taping everything and letting it pile up. No longer will I have to worry about Kelly, Demm, and Deidre giving away things on my favorite shows. I will be totally up to date and that will be good.

Hey… Don’t forget. One of my favorite local bands, Benjomatic, is playing at downtown Greensboro’s Fun 4th right around Noon. I hope to see ya there. Check ‘em out at


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Oh man, how I loved that album back when... well, when it was first released and it was a record.

    I'm adding that to my list of things that I must own on CD.

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    The smoker quitting smoking is much too mild of an analogy for you trying to give up fried food. More like a crack whore trying to kick the pipe...

  3. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Just have to say that I am shocked, yet very proud of you for expanding your tast buds. Now would "we" be pushing it to ask you to eat a tomato that hasn't been made into ketchup??