Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Taste The Pain' CD single

I have been busy once again. I don’t know if it’s
just the spring season kicking things into overdrive
or if it’s the Greenhouse Effect. And just to show
you how busy that I’ve been, I have 3 flicks from
Netflix that I haven’t had time to watch.

That’s right! I have ‘The Godfather’ and its two
sequels sitting on my entertainment center. And
they’ve been sitting there since Friday. To me, it’s
totally unacceptable because of the “logjams” stopping
the Netflix flow. There are no movies going out and
no movies coming in. It’s maddening for me to see
those DVDs sitting there mocking me… It’s like an
episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ where those movies are
talking to me. You know, like that talking Tina
episode where the doll is talking and taunting Telly
Savalas. Yeah, I’m hearing those DVDs talking and I
can hear the sounds of money hitting the floor.
Because to me, the more time those flicks spend
unwatched, the more money Netflix is making from me.


Last Friday night was the first time that I was ever
in a bar for St. Patrick’s Day.

Here’s the deal… I don’t need a reason to drink other
than the invention of alcoholic beverages. I steer
clear of holidays or occasions where folks drink to
excess. You know, the occasions we REAL
drinkers refer to as “amateur nights”.

Rock 92 was having a remote at the Pour House here in
downtown Greensboro and Weather Dave Aiken was the
Master of Ceremonies. Lots of DBC’ers were there….
Joe Davis and his girl Megan, Marcia Gan, Allison
Moore, intern Torrie, Coup DeLicious, Lyn Koonce, and

Marcia and myself were only planning on making an
appearance for about an hour. We ended up hanging out
for over 3 hours. We were having a good time. But, I
don’t think that I’ll change my ways about “drinking
holidays”. The odds are greater when it comes to
being involved in an alcohol related accident. And
I’d rather drink at home where it’s cheaper.

I got hassled about not wearing any green. As far as
I know, there’s no Irish swimming around in my blood
stream. I’m not Catholic and I have no knowledge of
what St. Patrick is famous for. And for some reason,
I’m thinking he’s known for leading some rats out of
London by playing a flute and then making out with a
stone. So I’m thinking that you HAVE to be drunk to
celebrate something like that.

Then Saturday night, I had the duties of entertaining
a couple of ladies with ample cleavage. I was to
provide a good time by taking them out to see a band
or something.

Of course, since just about everything cool was going
down on St. Patty’s Day, the calendar was clear for
Saturday night. There was NOTHING going on.

We started off at East Coast Wings and Christine walks
in, apologizes for being a little late, and says, “YOU
look tired.”

She was most definitely correct. I was cruising on
about 10 hours of sleep for the past two days because
of my busy schedule. My eyes were dealing with
allergies. They were swollen and felt like they had
been rolled in a dirty cat box. Once we were through
at ECW, I went to my truck and pulled the contact
lenses out of my eyes. I was smart enough to pack
saline in my contacts case and glasses.

Since nothing interesting was going on, we decided to
play Betsy’s favorite game… Billiards. We hit a bar
that I suggested because no one has quite discovered
the place yet. Sure enough, there was literally no
one inside and that wasn’t going to fly with the

For me, that would have been heaven. But these ladies
wanted hell and we found it at Chumley’s.

The main reason we hit that packed place… They have
pool tables teeming with good players. I found out
that Betsy was a bit of a pool shark and she wanted a

We started playing. Betsy paid for the games and I
kept up with her beer consumption and tab. The first
game, I beat her. But knowing how sharks operate, I
thought that she let me win. It wasn’t the
case because she inadvertently knocked in the 8 ball.

Then she promptly kicked my ass.

I started studying what she was doing and gladly
accepted any advice from her.

Another shark put money on the table and he and his
lady played the two of us. We beat them and Betsy
gave me all kinds of encouragement. As it turns out,
Betsy says that I’m a “natural” when it comes to pool and I should take it up.

I heard the same about golf and I like it, but I never get the time to play.

Christine really told a cat off… He was being loud and obnoxious. He was maybe 5’ 4” and Christine said, “These all go to eleven.” Of course that made me turn my head because I was probably the only other one in the building that got the reference. Then Christine asked if he came with a volume knob.

We really didn’t see him too much after that.


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I still can't quite believe I did that stone-cold-sober. Drunk, yeah, I can be quite confrontational. But sober...well, it's a testament to how truly loud and obnoxious he was. Plus he was little enough that I figured I could kick his ass if he still didn't shut up and go away.

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Did anyone record Christine's confrontation? I want to put it on my Netflix queue.