Thursday, March 23, 2006

Raven ‘One For All’

While I was working out today, the strangest little thought popped into my head… If I knew that I was terminally ill, what would I do?

And the song “Get Your Motor Running” from the CD of the day (blog title) came on. It’s about the feeling one gets either behind the wheel of a racecar. And race fans can identify with the lyrics as well. Just about anyone who likes to drive faster than the speed limit with performance as its middle name will TOTALLY get it.

It got me to thinking… I’m going to die. There’s nothing to stop it. No amount of medicine or treatments will change the outcome. No lifestyle changes… Giving up meat, laying off the booze, or start watching the torturous ‘Friends’ television show. I will die.

I would grab five hard rock CD’s and hit the road in my current vehicle. Whether it’s Roxy or some other American brand car or truck that I’m familiar with. I’m working for something like a ’67 Mustang Fastback (the movie ‘Bullit’ & the first car that I ever remember riding in) or my all time favorite piece of American muscle… The 1971 Dodge Challenger (‘Vanishing Point’ movie).

We’re going jack up the volume with Kix ‘Midnight Dynamite’, Cheap Trick ‘Heaven Tonight’, KISS ‘Rock n’ Roll Over’, Y&T ‘Open Fire’, Accept ‘Restless And Wild’, and Night Ranger ‘Midnight Madness’.

My Detroit girl and I will head off into the silvery darkness of a full moon night. The tunes are blaring with the windows down. Unless of course, I HAVE to do it during the winter. After all, I may not have much time left.

We’d leave around 11 or Midnight and drive only 5 miles over the speed limit on I-40 West and Highway 52 North past Fancy Gap, Virginia. Once the speed limit is posted 55, the gas will be stomped onto faster than a mouse in Richard Simmons’ house. We’re going to the limit and in some cases; we’ll go past it. The course is littered with many rows of nasty inertia proving trees to crash into. By the time I hit that stretch of road, traffic should be clear. There won’t be many locals to deal with. For the most part, only large Petroleum haulers filled with gasoline or trailers filled with auto parts will be on the roads. Oh, and deer which pose an added element of danger.

I would slow back down to 45 and 35 when I hit town limits. I wouldn’t want to increase my chances of taking out an innocent person. Hit Highway 100 North to I-81 to 460 West (I think that’s it) to Highway 219 to Union, West Virginia. Then turn right around to get back home before the sun comes up.

In simple terms, I would pull a “vanishing point” like the one in the same movie by that name.

Except, I would gladly surrender to a police car in my rear view because again, I wouldn’t want an innocent person to get hurt. But hear this… Once I’m out of jail, I’m going to do it again and again until I’m not able to. Unless someone wants to provide me with a 650 horse-powered suicide machine at Talladega, that’s going to be my modus operadi, baby.

Personally, I’d rather pass on with a nice quiet ending when I’m old.

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  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Put the earth-movers in my path. Call in the airstrike.